The Horse

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The horse is the seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac. Its intrinsic element is fire. The compass direction of the horse is between 157.5 degrees to 187.5 degrees. This falls in the direction of the south.

You will find that this sector of the house occupies an angle of 30 degrees. This sector is said to be part of the house deemed most lucky for those residents who are born in any of the years of the horse. The years of the horse are listed in the table above. These years have not been adjusted to take account of the lunar New Year. Thus if you were born in any of the above years but during say, the month, of January, chances are you do not belong to the horse year which is the year of the snake. In the same way you could still be a horse if you are born in the January of the following year. To check your date of birth against the lunar calendar please refer to the 100 year lunar calendar in the end of the book. To energize good wealth luck into your personal earthly branch sector here are several symbolic things you can do.

The Horse

When the horse first served the jade Emperor in heaven he had a magnificent pair of wings. He could soar around the sky, swim in the sea and run on the earth. Arrogant and haughty, he bullied the other animals.

One day he was asked to take a message to the dragon, king of the east sea. Stopped by the King's guards on his way into the palace, he became furious and kicked an unfortunate guard to death. When the Emperor heard of this, he ordered that the horse's wings be cut of and the horse placed underneath a great mountain.

After two hundred years of agony beneath the mountain, the ancestor of humanity passed by. Hearing him the horse cried out that he wished to dedicate his life to serving humanity. The ancestor was moved by this and used magic to free the horse. In thanks, the horse dedicated himself to humans, ploughing the fields, transporting goods ad fighting bravely in battle. Consequently, when the animal signs were being chosen, the horse was one of the first to be recommended by the people, and was duly appointed by the Jade Emperor in acknowledgement of their wishes.

Personality of the people born in horse year

You are independent and confident and usually have a welcoming smile for both old friends and new acquaintances. You thrive in lively company, and as well as being a gregarious companion you are an eloquent and inspiring speaker. You like to be recognized for your skills and are easily flattered, but you also have an honesty and genuine warmth which attracts many friends. people confide in you because you are interested in their thoughts and feelings, but you are so excited by new discoveries that you find it hard to keep a secret. This is not something that arises out of malice or revenge sometimes you just cannot help yourself. The same could also happen when you take on new interests or projects in your eagerness to begin or to organize you may offend others or unknowingly interfere with long standing plans.

You are inspired by ideas and tend to act on them without delay, carried away by the excitement of the moment, but there is a danger that you are too impulsive and do not give enough thought for the future. When you are disillusioned by the outcome of your efforts, you then turn your attention to a new project and head off once again, brimming with new ideas. The thought of failing and having to pick up the pieces fills you with anxiety, and rather than dealing with this prospect you prefer to change course so that your energies are focused in another direction. Sometimes this drive and excitement serves you well, since it creates many openings and possibilities, but there are times when it leaves plans half finished. You are always ready to offer good advice and can be very persuasive, but your confident and carefree approach hides inner doubts. Those who know you well recognize this, and offer the support and reassurance you need.


You are won over by the thrill of romance and swept along by the exhilaration of new relationship, sometimes forgetting your responsibilities in the whirlwind of emotion. Your relationships are not likely to be boring-there will be tempestuous moments but there will also be exhilarating and intimate times. It may be hard for you to quite down and focus on one partner, but once you have overcome your initial hesitancy you are likely to take commitments seriously.

Just as a horse is calmed by soothing words, you are easily charmed by tenderness and affection. You need someone who not only takes care of you, reassuring you in moments of doubt, but also gives you the freedom to pursue your adventures. And you need a partner who does not object to you spending time grooming yourself, making sure that your hair and clothes are just right for the occasion. In contrast, you are more chaotic when it comes to domestic affairs, but this can be forgiven because you are a loving and spirited partner.


Once you have identified a goal you channel all your energies into achieving it, but do not be over confident or assume that everyone else agrees with your methods. You are active and alert, and prefer the unusual to the unpredictable. If you do decide to choose a new skill to further your career, persevere until you have perfected it and try to resolve any problems rather than simply avoiding them.

You are hard working, cheerful and independent, although you do not mind working as part of a team as long as your efforts are recognized. many people born in the year of the horse have healthy constitution and are suited to mentally or physically demanding work. You have the potential to be an inspiring leader but try to hold back when situation irritate you, since a hasty word could land you in trouble.

You are suited to a job in politics, sport or the construction industry. You would also make a good geographer, explorer, actor, artist, and advertising or sales executive.

Horse Associations


Fire :

In Chinese philosophy the five elements are types of energy that affect all life. It is their interaction that creates change from a global level to a personal level. The horse is associated with the element of fire, which works in harmony with the element of earth but is overwhelmed by the element of water.


Red :

The horse is linked to the colour red, which is traditionally associated with good fortune. It is linked to happiness and strength, success in projects and prosperity in the family. It is one of the most popular colours at Chinese new year, when blessings are written on red paper and attached to doors or gates.


Yang :

Yin and yang are the two great cosmic forces which influence and balance all life. Yang is hot ,heavy and dynamic, a force which becomes stronger as winter wanes and the summer begins. Although the horse embodies both yin and yang qualities, it is associated with wood, which has powerful yang qualities linked to relaxation and intuition.



Each of the twelve animal signs is matched to a direction of the compass. The horse is linked to a southerly direction, which in turn is associated with the hours of the middle of the day. This direction is also linked to mid - summer, when yang is at its strongest ad yin is at its weakest.

Balancing of Energy for people born in the horse year

Horse year people are advised to observe the following :

In the years of the Snake (2001) :

Hard work bears fruit this year when you place the horse image in the south but also display wind chimes in the south-west for protection against betrayal.

In the years of the Horse (2002) :

A good year which can be enhanced with all the good fortune symbols of prosperity. Coins will be especially effective for the west and north-west. Tie 9 red coins with red thread and hang on these walls.

In the years of the Sheep (2003) :

Place a 3 legged road for continued money luck.

In the years of the monkey (2004) :

Travel luck is good. Place a pair of precious elephants near the front door and a shell (conch) on the coffee table.

In the years of the Rooster (2005) :

A moderate year. Display pictures of children with fish in the west. Place a water feature in the south-east.

In the years of the Dog (2006) :

A good year for college graduates. Place the Ru yi on your desk and crystals in the north-east to activate the luck of personal growth.

In the years of the Boar (2007) :

A year of unexpected difficulties and obstacles. Display Fu dogs by your entrance door. Do not sit facing north-west as this confronts the Grand Duke making things worse. place wind chimes in the north-east.

In the years of the Rat (2008) :

Financial problems land bad luck in money matters. Display a Dragon tortoise in the north for protection. Place wind chimes in the south to control the deadly 5 yellow. Do not sit facing the north this year as this confronts the Grand Duke Jupiter. Place a water feature there instead.

In the years of the OX(2009):

Place a horse in the south and ten emperor coins in the West. Also have a Dragon image in the east for overall good luck.

In the years of the Tiger(2010):

Good year for romance. Display peonies and mandarin ducks in the bedroom Place Fu dogs to guard against misunderstandings.