The Hand of Dame Melba, G.B. E., The Famous Australian Prima Donna

Indian Astrology | 01-Jan-2014

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It will be noticed that the line of head (Plate X) is separated by a space between it and the line of life, very much alike to that on Sarah Bernhardt's hand. It also rises on the base of the Mount of Jupiter giving the qualities of great ambition.

In Chapter 5, Part II in dealing with the line of life I wrote: 'When there is a medium space between the line of life and that of head, the subject is more free to carry out his or her plans and ideas; it also denotes energy and a very go-ahead spirit'.. In speaking of the line of head in Chapter 7, Part II, I said: "When a space is found between the line of head and that of life, it is beneficial when not too wide; when medium it denotes splendid energy and self-confidence and is a useful sign for barristers, actors, preachers, etc."

Dame Melba had all those qualities that suited her for a life before the public. Both the fate and Sun-lines on her hand are sharply marked, especially the line of Sun culminating, as it does, in the form of a triangle at the base of the Mount of that name.

In estimating the ultimate success of a person's life, it is always wise to notice if these lines of fate and Sun appear equal to one another.

The 'double life-line' that may be noticed about the middle of the hand gave Dame Melba enormous vitality and by running outward into a line of travel toward Luna, promised the almost continual run of long voyages from one side of the world to the other which was so much a part of this remarkable woman's career.

Dame Melba consulted me in New York when she wrote in my Visitor's Book:

"Cheiro" you are wonderful- what more can I say?