The Dragon

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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The Dragon is the fifth sign of the Chinese Zodiac. Its intrinsic element is earth. The compass direction of the dragon is between 97.5 degrees to 127.5 degrees. This falls in the direction of the east-south-east. You will find that this sector is said to be the part of the house deemed most lucky for those residents that are born in any of the years of the dragon, and these years are listed tin the table above. These years have not been adjusted to take account of the lunar New Year. Thus if you were born in any of the above years but during say, the month of January, chances are, you might not belong to the dragon year but instead to the year prior to dragon year which is the year of the rabbit. In the same way you could still be a dragon if you are born in the January of the following year. To check your date of birth against the lunar calendar please refer to the 100 year lunar calendar at the back of the book.

The dragon was ambitious animal, and wanted to take the tiger's place as king of the animals. Consequently, fighting broke out between the two, but neither had a clear advantage. The jade Emperor neither had a clear advantage. The Jade Emperor decided to judge between them. When the dragon heard this news he became worried that he did not look impressive enough lie the tiger. At this time, the look impressive enough likes the tiger. At this time, the dragon did not have a horn-it was, in fact, the rooster who could boast this possession and so the centipede suggested that the dragon borrow the roosters horn. Although the rooster refused at first, the centipede offered to guarantee the dragon's honesty and the rooster, the centipede's friend, then agreed to the request.

When the dragon and the tiger came to be judged, both looked awesome and ferocious. The Emperor both looked awesome and ferocious. The Emperor decided to make the dragon king of the water and the tiger king of the earth. As the tiger was already an animal sign, the dragon was given the same status. However, the dragon was reluctant to return the horn and kept it as a symbol of his status. Angered, the rooster went after the centipede who hid underground. To this day, roosters love to eat centipedes, and the noise they make is actually their loud cursing about the dragon's theft all those years ago.

Personality of the people born in Dragon year

You have a natural charisma and it is unlikely that you would fade into the background or escape unnoticed at a party. You are lively company, interested in the world around you and excited by new possibilities. You have great energy and self-confidence and know how to create an impression. Many dragon people are exhibitionists, full of energy and enthusiasm; they are also proud, which is sometimes interpreted by onlookers as arrogance. It is true that you are sure of yourself and enjoy being the center of attention, but you also have a brave and charitable side to your character. If a friend is faced by a problem or dilemma you will be there to offer help, and when others might withdraw you will step forward to help resolve the situation with authority and dignity. In fact, you apply yourself whole-heartedly to most situations and if you become frustrated with others it is only because they do not have your stamina or skills. You demand high standards of yourself and are surprised when others cannot keep up with you, in your drive to complete the task you fail to see their weaknesses.

The Chinese say that heaven and earth are balanced in the life of someone born in this year, and success certainly seems to follow you. You are decisive and frank, capable and also lucky. As well as being blessed with good fortune, you are also an able judge of situations, stepping in at the right moment with an exciting or creative scheme. You can be quick tempered and obstinate, and sometimes too outspoken, but there is usually good advice in your criticisms or suggestions. You believe that you are acting with good intentions and are confident of a positive outcome, and more often than not events workout as you had hoped.


You have an impressive presence and it is not unusual for you to have a string of admirers who are drawn by your charisma. You are attractive and know how to charm, so before long your partner will be under your spell. It is easy for you to find romance but hand for you to settle down -numerous love affairs are not uncommon for those born in the Year of the Dragon. You do not set out to conquer someone romantically and then leave them for a new challenge, it is just that you are disappointed when you uncover weaknesses. You are frustrated by emotional over-dependence or indecision, and will eventually set off in search of new and exciting romance.

At one level love is a game, and you rarely yearn for the past or harbour regrets. The same cannot be said for your ex-lovers who may carry a torch for you long after the romance is over. You need someone who gives you the space to express yourself- to impress and to perform-someone who plays an active role but yet is not threatened by your exuberance.


You enjoy positions of responsibility and your presence does command attention. You know how to gain respect, and being in charge or giving orders comes naturally, fortunately; most people accept your authority. It is important for you to have new challenges and freedom of movement; when you feel trapped by your career or at the mercy of other people's decisions you are likely to pack your bags and leave.

You are an able and intelligent worker and have strong opinions on the planning and execution of projects. if there is room for doubt hold back, seek advice or wait until you are certain that the conditions are right. You have good leadership qualities and are usually fair in your dealings, but your energy can be overwhelming. In your planning you have to allow for the fact that some colleagues cannot match your pace, even though they may be inspired by your ideas.

You are suited to a career in law, religion or the arts. You would also be a good manager, entrepreneur, doctor or actor.

Dragon Associations


Earth :

In Chinese philosophy the five elements are types of energy that affect all life. It is their interaction that creates change from a global level to a personal level. The dragon is associated with the element of earth, which works in harmony with the element of metal but is overwhelmed by the element of wood.


Yellow :

The dragon is linked to the colour yellow, which was the imperial colour of China the colour reserved for the emperor. yellow is associated with progress, fame and achievement. It is also linked to the element of earth since the fertile soils in many areas of China have a yellow hue.


Yin & Yang :

Yin and Yang are the two great cosmic forces which influence and balance all life. Yin is cool, watery and still while yang is hot, heavy and dynamic. The dragon is associated with the element of combination that is linked to thought and care.


East-South-East :

Each of the twelve animal signs is matched to a direction of the compass. The dragon is linked to an east-south-easterly direction, which in turn is associated with the early hours of the day as the sun is beginning to climb. This direction is also linked to the end of spring, as yang gains increasing strength.

Balancing of energy for people born in Dragon year

Dragon year people are advised to observe the following :

In the years of the Snake (2001) :

Another good year when everything goes smoothly. You will benefit from water features in the north and from placing the gem tree in the east. Crystals in the south-west enhance relationship luck.

In the years of the Horse (2002):

A moderate year for the Dragon. Place images of the Phoenix or its substitutes (Peacock or Rooster) in the south to clarify uncertain luck. Wind chimes in the west bring good luck, and in east to control the deadly 5 yellow.

In the years of the Sheep (2003):

There are mixed signals this year. Enhance career luck with a water feature in the north and place a pik Yao on your desk to overcome obstacles. Place Sau, God of longevity to overcome health problems.

In the years of the Monkey (2004):

Business achieves good performance. Place a sailing ship facing inwards and if possible facing the north-east direction for luck.

In the years of the Rooster (2005) :

A very auspicious year for the dragon. Place a 3 legged toad near the front door and a 5 rod wind chime in the west. This is a good year to proceed with any new ventures or projects. A good year to take risks.

In the years of the Dog (2006) :

This will be the dragon's worst year. A time to be careful. Definitely get a pair of Chi Lin and Fu dogs to flank your entrance and a laughing Buddha and wind chimes for the west to control the deadly 5 yellow.

In the years of the Boar (2007) :

Place the dragon, tortoise in the north to help you get out of last year's bad period. Light up the south for recognition luck.

In the years of the Rat (2008) :

Money flows in easily. Augment this good fortune luck with coins and the three-legged toad.

In the years of the OX(2009) :

There will be disputes but placing a round crystal ball in the SW helps you rise above the fray. Place the laughing Buddha for harmony.

In the years of the TIGER(2010) :

A bad time. Place a Dragon in the East to strengthen the intrinsic Dragon energy. Place wind chimes in the Southwest to control the deadly 5 yellow. Do not sit facing East-Northeast this year!