The Celtic Cross Spread

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Lay out the cards on the table in the following order.

10 4 9 5 1 /2 6 8 3 7

The first card is placed face up it represents the person asking the question and the foundation of the matter.

The second card is placed across sideways the first card and represents obstacles or issues dealt with the person in the present.

The third card, placed beneath the first two represents what is on the subconscious mind of the questioner and everything he or she has been through with regards to the matter.

The fourth card, placed above of the first two represents the potential and the best that can be accomplished given the choices the questioner has made so far in his life regarding that matter.

The fifth card, placed to the left of the center card represents what has transpired in the past.

The sixth card, placed to the right of the first two, represents what will take place in the immediate future.

The next four cards are laid out from bottom to the right of the right of these cards.

The seventh card represents the fears of the person. Generally, this card will show you what is inside of them that is blocking him or her from reaching the desired outcome. It can also represent the atmosphere or influences that strongly affect the questioner.

The eighth card represents the hopes and fears that the questioner might have for the future.

The tenth card represents the predicted outcome of the situation or the actual answer to the question.

Some individuals like to keep pulling an addition six to ten cards after this cross is laid down to determine what will happen in the future.

The Relationship Path Spread


1 3 5 4 2

The cards are dealt in the pattern shown above. Should you need more information on a card, don’t be shy about throwing a few more cards in that position for clarification.

Card 1 - How you see the other person

Card 2 - How the other person sees you

Card 3 - How you see the relationship

Card 4 - How the other person sees the relationship

Card 5 - Something about the relationship the querent needs to know

Card 6 - Where the relationship is going