The best Vastu tips for offices and Business

Indian Astrology | 05-Aug-2019

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Vastu Shastra is a science that is based on observations and facts. It takes into account the rules of nature which are governed by a set of principles. It is the science of architecture based on its nature of promoting beautiful design concepts regarding direction-specific study associated with the foundation of an office, houses, building, plot or other constructions. It is believed that if the individual will follow the Vaastu principles strictly, then one would live a happy, content and prosperous life. And if they would not follow, then there will be a chance for an individual of getting sick, unhappy, quarreling with each other and can even die at an early age. To really help people achieve positive energy in their offices or in Bussiness growth, one has to have in-depth knowledge of Vaastu and understand the logic and reasoning behind each and every principle or you can consult an expert Vastu Shastra consultant in Delhi, Dr. Arun Bansal. He is an expert in the field of Vedic Astrology and Vastu and has the biggest name in the field of Astrology owing to the number of laureates he has to his name.

Vastu Shastra for Offices

All over the world, Vastu has helped in redefining the new age offices. Most of the companies are increasingly admitting the concept of Vastu application in their office interiors, also it has gained wide acceptance all over the world. Vastu principles can be used to maximize the flow of positive energy and success.

Vastu tips for small office

  • The Shape and size of the office.
  • Reception Area Arrangement.
  • Main Entrance (door) of the office.
  • Door location as well as door view.
  • Colors for interior as well as the exterior.
  • Location as well as arrangements of the meeting room.

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Benefits of Vastu Shastra for office

  • Vastu Shastra brings a harmonious working environment that supports you and everyone in the office. It brings balance to the natural environment around the native.
  • It will drastically enhance the performance of employees at work.
  • Vastu Shastra helps in enhancing the creativity and productivity of the employees.
  • Vastu positive vibrations help in motivating employees, retaining them and also employees will be able to make full use of their talent.
  • Employees will be less stressed and will enjoy their work more.

Importance of Vastu Shastra for Business Growth

Many of the most modern business and entrepreneur favors Vastu principles. Applying Vastu techniques could dramatically transform your business success. It helps the native to increase sales, bring more customers, efficient staff and good profit. The goal of the Vastu is to enhance the productive area and to minimize the adverse effects of certain areas. In the case of Business Vastu, the most important things are the entrances of the building and offices, sales and marketing areas, conference room as well as master place.

Vastu tips for business growth

These tips will bring maximum success and prosperity in business.

Southwest direction is best- The business owner’s room should be in the southwest direction, and his desk should be placed so that he sits facing the north.

The Entrance- The north, northeast and northwest directions are believed to bring positive energy. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have the main entrance to the office in any of these directions.

The Reception Area- The reception is the place where visitors are greeted. This should be a positive and relaxing space that puts them at comfort. Ideally, the reception area should be in the east or northeast direction and should have flexible seating.

Accounting Section- The staff who handle the money and finances of the office should be placed in the southeast, and they should sit facing the north or east direction.

Meeting Room- The best direction for gathering is the northwest direction. The conference room of the office can be planned in this area to facilitate productive and discussions.

Pooja Area- If the office has a Pooja place, then the ideal place for it is in the northeast direction.

Electrical Equipment- All offices are highly reliant on electrical equipment. The best direction to place massive electrical equipment to minimize breakdowns and repairs is in the southeast part of the building.

Office Vastu Remedies

It’s always better to check and ensure that the primary Vastu principles are being followed at the time of construction and interior designing. When you design or construct your office according to Vastu principles, you are bound to get great results. It is highly considered that right Vastu guidance can bring good luck to you and there are lots of people who believe in Vastu. Vastu’s office maintains economic growth and helps to make the environment positive, and clears all the obstacles coming in the way of the growth.

Vastu for commercial shop

For the successful Business, it is necessary to build a shop or office according to the Vastu Shastra principles in order to attain success. The sitting arrangement inside the shop should be towards the east or west. Consulting the right Vastu expert can help you in attaining all the success in the Business.

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