Tarot Potentials

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Here are some of the things that Tarot can do for you.

  • Teach you emotional honesty – you will learn that with emotional honesty you become more willing to live life and make positive choices, rather than let it pass you by.
  • Develop your ability to focus and develop your own intuition – develop the interaction between you and your cards.
  • Develop you trust in the cards as your personal guides – the more you practise, the more you will learn to trust.
  • Help you to discover that you are able to take control of your life. It develops you individually. Self development, self awareness and self realization and to what role you have got to play in life. It makes you very positive in outlook or in dealing with life’s situations.
  • Tarot teaches you to trust your senses, your belief in you.
  • Transforms our karmas
  • There are times when you can use the tarot for self development, to open yourself up to psychological spiritual or soul searching issues that might be picked away in your unconscious. You can also use this method when you feel the future is a big unknown factor and you want some direction. Reading for yourself is useful if you are standing in the threshold of a new relationship, new career or big life change and need a sense of larger patterns and energies at work in your life. This is when you don’t need to ask any questions but simply trust in what the tarot will reveal to you.