Tarot essences for Crystal Empowerment

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Here is a brief guide to the tarot archetypes. However, read the interpretations of each card as well to give you extra insight into the energy you want to reinforce in your life.

The Fool

New journey, exploration, free spirit, trusting the universe

The Magician

Focus, magic, communication, intellect

The High Priestess

Clairvoyance, inner guidance, psychic energy, deeper wisdom

The Empress

Nurturing, grounding, creativity, new life

The Emperor

Authority, asserting yourself, new projects

The Hierophant

Centering, teaching, transmitting ideas

The Lovers

Love relationships, making choices, balancing energy

The Chariot

Domestic happiness, knowing where you are going


Courage, self-confidence, making a dream come true

The Hermit

Spiritual enlightenment or direction, inner peace, patience

Wheel of Fortune

Taking chances, being inspired, luck, change


Clarity, legal or financial affairs, agreements, making compromises

The Hanged Man

Mystical empowerment, seeing the truth, giving up bad habits


New beginnings, transformation, dumping emotional baggage


Balanced relationships, freedom yet commitment, self-belief

The Devil

Sexual vitality, sexual attraction

The Tower

Breaking down bad habits, purging your feelings emotional breakthrough

The Star

Meditation, spiritual guidance, freedom, intellectual wisdom

The Moon

Relationship magic, dream work, for deeper understanding, to keep a secret

The Sun

For discovering the truth, creativity, success, childbirth


Transitions, new perception, transformation

The World

Journeys, integration, completion, fulfillment