Surya Mantra for Overall Well Being

Raju Gupta | 06-Jan-2015

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Today i will tell you about the surya mantra .This mantra is advised for career growth, job , health , etc and for the destruction of poverty and diseases . Sun is our atma and source of existence and light which can pass through the rapped karmas on our soul . Sun also cleans our soul . It is a must mantra for every one .

Although it should be chanted at sunrise but still it can be chanted at any time of day and in any number such as 21,54,108 times. If you want to chant more than 108 times than do in multiple of 108 times.

Dhyan Mantra :-

This is to be chant at the start for 1 time . It is preferable to chant but you can skip this is you find it difficult . Just understanding the meaning and remembring it before the chant , which is written below is sufficient .

sonambhoruhasamsthiiam trinayanam vedatrayivigraham danam bhojayugabhayanidadhatam hastaih praualaprabham, keyurangadaharakam kanadharam kar nollasatkundalam lokotpattivinasapalanakaram suryyam gunabdhim bhaje

Oh Surya, The Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer of the worlds ,We meditate on Thee. Thou art three eyed with the luster as of the Red coral and are seated on the pink lotus throne. The three Vedas are Thy body. Thy hind hands hold the lotus while Thy fore hands are in the postures called Abhaya (Fearlessness) and Dana (benevolence) Mudra(posture) . Armlets, bracelets , necklace and bangles adorn Thy body and ear-rings shine in Thy ears.

(a) For all Businessmen & Professionals :-

Om Hrim Ghrinih Surya Aaditya Shrim.

(b) For Priests :-

Om Hrim Ghrinih Surya Aaditya Om.

You can modify the mantra as per your sun sign in rashi chart or more precisly as per your sun sign in D-60 chart. Those who do not have their sun sign should chant the above mentioned mantra as per their work .

Just replace the word Surya with the corresponding 12 Surya name as mentioned below :-

Rashi Surya Name
Aries Aryama
Taurus Mitra
Gemini Varun
Cancer Indra
Leo Vivaswan
Virgo Pusha
Libra Parjanya
Scorpio Anshuman
Sagittarius Bhaga
Capricorn Twastha
Aquarius Vishnu
Pisces Dhata