Sun-sign card interpretations

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Use the following interpretations to add a further dimension to your tarot readings.

Aries and the emperor

Aries is about asserting yourself taking control of your life, showing who the boss is. Being single minded will get you ahead now, but, if you identify or associate already with this energy or know you are expressing it, then take care that you don’t push others too far.

Taurus and the Hierophant

Taurus needs to feel secure. When you draw this card, think about whether you are needy, possessive or materialistically driven to succeed. If you are already expressing this energy, then avoid becoming too fanatical about your goal. If you feel this energy is lacking, you need to rely more on the facts and develop an inner sense of security.

Gemini and the Lovers

Gemini relies on wits and brains. So are you using your head to make a decision or relving on your heart? If you are not expressing this energy then it is time to utilize your logic. If your mind is working overtime, then perhaps you need to get in touch with your heart.

Cancer and the chariot

Cancer wants to belong. When you draw the Chariot do you feel you belong to anything or anyone – a tribe, a clan, family, lover, and circle of friends or institution? Do you cling desperately to anyone or anything for fear of being alone? Don’t hide your true feelings. If this energy is lacking, then it is time to embrace someone feeling you belong in the big wide world. If you want to break free, do so.

Leo and Strength

Leo wants to be special. When you draw Strength are you under the spotlight, do you like being the center of attention? Or do you feel left out in the cold or immune to praise? If this quality is lacking in your life, your own talents and gifts will now bring you the attention you deserve. If this quality is overflowing, then take care that you don’t assume the spotlight is only on you.

Virgo and Hermit

Virgo is discriminating but critical. When you draw the Hermit ask yourself if you are being too self-critical, or are you making too many demands on yourself and others. If you feel this energy is lacking, you may need to allow yours. If more time to put your life into perspective.

Libra and Justice

Libra seeks balance and diplomacy. If this energy is strong for you now, too much compromise means that you are giving upon your own beliefs or opinions just to make others happy. If you believe it is lacking, learn diplomacy to resolve a dilemma and be more civilized about life.

Scorpio and Death

Scorpio is about passion and power. When you draw Death, the astrological aspect of this card is the power to transform your life to end one cycle that is not working for you and begin again. But if you identify too easily with this card check that you are not wielding power for the sake of it.

Sagittarius and Temperance

Sagittarius is optimistic and explorative. When you draw Temperance, you have the chance to work on your desires and take the road towards achieving your goals. If you identify too easily with this energy, they moderate your plans, rethink and reformulate before rushing headlong into something new.

Capricorn and the Devil

Capricorn is self-reliant and conventional. Are you currently following traditional rules about how to act, behave or love to such a rigid degree that you are denying your true feelings? Don’t let dark thoughts get to you; it is time to stand up for individual rights too.

Aquarius and the Star

Aquarius is idealistic and independent. When you draw the Star and you feel this energy is lacking in your life, it is time to believe in yourself and trust in doing things your way. If you identify too readily with this independent energy, then take care that you are not trying to influence others without a thought for their personal needs.

Pisces and the Moon

Pisces is impressionable. If you identify with this energy, are you currently being misled by what others say, do or believe or can you see beyond the empty promises? Are you trying too hard to make someone happy? If you believe this quality is lacking in your life. It’s time to be more in touch with your intuition and your feelings.