Sri Yantra

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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It is most powerful Yantra. It is also known as king of all the Yantras.

It is the abode of all the Gods and Goddesses. It is very efficient tool for contemplation, concentration and meditation. All the Yantras are based on specific mathematical equations. It is interesting to point out that mathematical equations on which this mystical and most beautiful Sri Yantra is based is still under research of modern mathematicians.

Sriyantra is used in the context of meditation and worship as visual aid to concentration of the mind leading to realization of abstract principle which is the inner meaning of the visible representation. Sriyantra is considered the dwelling place of Goddess “Tripursundari” and the structure of this Yantra is enigmatically described in the “Saundarya-Lahiri” composed by Adiguru Shankaracharya. Mahalaxmi is considered the best form of Goddess and Tripursundari is the best form of Goddess Mahalaxmi.

A Sri Yantra is the sound vibration of the cosmic Om seen as a visual diagram. It is said that when monks have chanted OM this pattern manifests astrally and on the physical plane. The most celebrated Yantra in India is the Sri Yantra. It is a symbol of the entire cosmos that serves to remind the practitioner of the non difference between subject and object. This Yantra is also called Srichakra. It is often used when planet Sun is badly afflicted in an individual’s horoscope as the Sun represents the physical body and the eternal soul. The word Sri Yantra is composed of two words “Sri” meaning wealth and “Yantra” meaning instrument, therefore, we can call it - “The Instrument for wealth”.

Sriyantra is definitely the answer to all the problems and negativity in our life. Sriyantra brings spiritual as well as materialistic growth in our life. The Sriyantra is believed to be the visual representation of the Mantra OM. Indeed Dr. Hans Jenny claims to have produced an exact replica of the Sri Yantra in 1967 when the OM Mantra was sung into a “tonoscope’, a device used to visually represent sounds on a video screen. Just as to how the ancients were able to produce such a perfect visual representation of the sacred Mantra OM remains a mystery.

The best known and geometrically the most complex Yantra is the “Sri-Yantra”. This complex geometry is the key to its effect and has interesting mathematical implications. The energetic effect of Sriyantra is seventy times greater then that of a pyramid construction.

The Yantra pick up particular cosmic ray wave emitted by the planets and other universal objects and transforms them into constructive vibrations. These are then transmitted to the surroundings where the Sriyantra is placed thus destroying all destructive forces within the vicinity.

The presiding deity of Sriyantra is Sri Lalitamahatripursundari. “Lalita” means ‘one who plays'. All creation, manifestation and dissolution is considered to be a play of Goddess. Tripura means the three worlds and Sundari means beauty. She is the transcendental beauty of the three worlds. So, Sriyantra is worshipped to get the blessings of Goddess who shall give you beauty, wealth, knowledge, spiritual growth, pleasure and also emancipation. Therefore, Sriyantra in itself is a blessing for education, intelligence and creativity. According to Hindu Mythology Sriyantra was possessed by Lord Bramha and Highly praised by Lord Vishnu.

Sriyantra is connected with “Vastu-Shastra”. All constructions based on Vastu must have Sriyantra.

The Sri Yantra can correct defects of the North (direction of health, wealth & success) & north east (energetically the most important & most valuable area of the house). When placed in the north east, it effectively improves the spatial energies of the whole house. Defects of spatial energy in the north and northeast are the most serious ones in your home, so the Sri Yantra is the most important and powerful corrective tool in Vastu Yantra technology.

It is a very powerful and auspicious Yantra for attainment of worldly comforts and fulfilment of all wishes. One can get rid of his/her problems and change life for the better with the continuous use of it. By worshipping Sriyantra one can remove obstacles, stress, anxiety and depression. It blesses the worshipper with fame, power, authority, financial gain, professional success, peace and harmony. The Yantra is inscribed in Gold, Silver, Copper or one can use crystal material. Sriyantra also known as the Yantra of cosmos, is a highly eye-catching and of the most dynamic of all Yantras.

A brief description of Sri Yantra Chakras

Mahabindu - The center, also known as the Parachakra.

Bindu - The point inside the central triangle and the center of the Chakra. It is known as Sarva Anandamayi Chakra, which means a Chakra of total bliss. It is the seed of the entire Universe, and it is beyond time and space.

Tricon - The Central triangle contains the Bindu. It is known as Sarva Shidhi Prada Chakra. The Tricon is presumed to be the primordial prakriti with three states of consciousness. Waking state, Dream state and the state of deep slumber.

Ashtar - It is a group of eight triangles outside the Tricon. It is known as Sarva Rog Har Chakra - a chakra that destroys all diseases.

Antardashar - It is a group of ten inner triangles. It is known as the Sarva Rakshakar Chakra - a chakra that provides all kinds of protection.

Bahirdashar - It is a group of ten outer triangles. It is known as Sarva Artha Sadhak Chakra - a chakra that helps to achieve all kinds of realization.

Chaturdashar - It is a group of fourteen triangles. It is known as Sarva Saubhagyadayak Chakra - a chakra that brings all good fortune.

Ashtadal - It is a ring of eight lotus petals. It is known as Sarva Sankshoban Chakra.

Shodashdal - It is ring of sixteen lotus petals. It is known as Sarva Ashapuraka Chakra, the chakra for the fulfillment of all hopes, of materializing all kinds of expectations.

Bhupur - The square form with four gates. It is known as Traiyelok Mohan Chakra, the chakra that attracts the three Lokas (planes) : Physical, astral and celestial. Eight Siddhis (powers) are present in this chakra, viz-Anima (atomicity), Laghima (lightness), Mahima (might), Ishitava (power over others), Vashitva (attraction of others), Prapti (attainment), prakamya (ability to assume a desired form) and Bhukti (enjoyment of power).

The following Mantra should be recited for Sriyantra.

Om Shreeng Hreeng Shreeng Kamaley Kamlalaye Praseed Praseed Shreeng Hreeng Shreeng Om Mahalaxmyai Namah

It is believed that goddess Laxmi never leaves that house where Sriyantra is worshipped with Srisooktam, Laxmi Sooktam, Saudaryalahiri, Lalitasahastranaam and is kept at place of worship with Parad Shivlinga, Ekaksheey Nariyal, Shwetark Ganpati, 14 faced Rudraksha, Rosary of Lotus beads and Dakshinavarti Shankh.