Specific dates

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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You can also combine the tarot and numerology for checking out special dates, to find out which of several days is the most auspicious for organizing an event, meeting up with a new admirer or simply a good day to send out that CV.

If you have an important day you want to check out, write down the numbers and add them up. Jane wanted her wedding on 17 July 2007. Her mother suggested 3 July and her mother-in-law suggested 9 August. She wrote down the three numbers in numerical format:







In order to find out the best day, Jane shuffled the pack and then drew the sixth card that was face-down from the top of the pile, followed by the first card (obviously the next one) from the top, followed by the 8th card from the top. She then read the interpretations for each card to determine which date was the best for her wedding. You can do the same for any dates that you have.

What will happen on this day?

If you ask questions surrounding a specific date, for example ‘I’m going to start my new job on 23 February 2007, what can I expect on that day? What is the long-term direction of this?, you can use the tarot card you picked randomly as an answer for the first question and then the Quintessential Number as the answer for the second question. The date in question is 23 February 2007:


Add this number to your date of birth, for example, 9 March 1970:



Draw the seventh card from the top of the pack after shuffling the deck to discover what you can expect on that day. Next look up the number seven in the numerological interpretations above to discover what the long-term outlook is.