Some forecasts of Nostradamus including War in 1999

Indian Astrology | 01-Jan-2014

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Aproximately 400 years ago a French national of Jewish origin who was a successful doctor and a prominent clairvoyant but a great seer, wrote a book 'Centuries' by name in which he made numerous prophesies in poetical form 'Quarantains', four line stanzas, a large number of which have been deciphered and stood the test of time to have proved to be correct. This seer 'Nostradamus' was born in the year 1503 in a Jewish family, which had been compelled to accept Roman Catholicism a little earlier. At the age of 52 he brought out a collection of his prophacies called the 'Centuries'. Nostradamus declares that the reach of his fore knowledge extends upto the year 3797. He died in 1566, but his amazing forecasts continue to be fulfilled even in our own day. The first edition of the 'Centuries' appeared in 1555 in France. The book has been in print continually ever since and has the record of sale of highest number after Bible. It has been translated in almost all the leading languages of the world with comments and interpretations. Initially his predictions appeared to be impossible to come true, but the surmises and conjectures were proved to be incorrect in due course as the time passd. Some of his historically important but unbelievable forecasts which came true are being recapitulated

  1. In 1727, as a result of an unscrupulous agreement between Afghanistan and Turkey, the division of Iran resulted in loss of large tracts of land for Iran, namely Georgia and Armenia.

  2. He forecasts the begining of the fall of British Empire in 1942. In 1755 when Nostradamus made this prediction Britain had not come into being. Only in 1603 England and Scotland formed Britannia. This amalgamation came into force with the surreptitious yet tacit assistance to America.

  3. He predicted the World Wars I and II and even hinted the name of Hitler as the originator of the War II. Germany made unsuccessful attempts to distort the prediction in its favour, but met with own demise.

  4. According to him Pope Pius VI will meet a tragic death in captivity near Rone River. 'Centuries' was banned in 1781 by Pope Pius VI because it forecast his discomfiture. The offending prophecy was never the less realised in 1799, when France under Napoleon took over the papal dominions. Pope Pious VI himself was taken prisoner. He died while being conveyed to a French jail. His prohibition of the 'Centuries' proved to be futile.

  5. From tyrrant Tzar Kerensky a liberal statesman established a democratic Russian republic which was overthrown by a disciplined coterie of determined communists led by Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin in November, 1917, whom Nostradamus described as three brothers. Then Russia was still following the Julian calender, whereas rest of the Europe had long since switched over to Gregorian calender. Consequently, by Russian reckoning, the month was October instead of November. According to the prophacy the Russian revolution was to run its course for 73 years. In other words Russia would no longer be communist from 1991. Perestroica and glasnost had set in.

  6. However, communism will not disappear as per the prophacy. China will remain wedded to that ideology with militant devotion.

About India the great seer has made stunningly mind boggling forecasts. According to him India will emerge as a super-power in the 7th month of 1999. Chinese ambition will trigger the World War III. They will launch a nuclear war in July or September, 1999 on a country known by the name of a sea (most likely India, which is named after Indus or Indian Ocean). The war will last for 7 years and its fanatical allies, led by Libya, will be completely wiped out. He brew community, Jews of Israel, will also show solidarity with India against her neighbours. A powerful leader with faith on Thursday will emerge in strength in the South and bring glory to the country. A new golden age will take place and last for 57 years.

The prophecies, howsoever unconvincing they may apper to be, are destined to come true.