Shubh Muhurata April, 2024: Dates & Timings for Marriage and More

Indian Astrology | 23-Mar-2024

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In Vedic astrology, it is believed that performing tasks at a good time can attract success and prosperity. This time is called Muhurata. If we perform tasks at Shubh Muhrata, we get support from positive energies to achieve success and prosperity. However, as described in Panchang, the Muhurata can be good or bad, depending on the time or hora of the day. Doing things at the right time is important to get the best results.

According to Hindu texts, a Muhurata spans for 48 minutes, and we can choose it for performing auspicious (Manglik) activities. A Muhurata can be:

  • Auspicious

  • Neutral

  • Inauspicious

One should consider a Shubh Muhurata for performing auspicious activities, as it is believed to bring success of that event. Great emotions are attached to auspicious tasks like marriage, child-birth, entering a new house, Mundan, starting a business, buying a vehicle, travel and more. Performing an important task at Shubh Muhurta increases the positivity and related success.


What is Muhurata?


The timing of any task is essential as it affects its outcome. To achieve success and good results, we must choose a Shubh Muhurata for its execution. Muhurata is a time slot marked as good or bad depending upon the narrations in the scriptures. Each Muhurata is ruled by different planets, called hora in astrology. The hora of the benefic planets is favourable, while those of malefic planets create obstructions. A Muhurata has five parts:

  • Tithi
  • Vaar
  • Yoga
  • Nakshatra
  • Karan

The scholars consider these five elements to describe the Shubh and Ashubh Muhurata. Hindu Panchangam suggests Shubh Muhurata for different activities.

As per modern science, energies affect our lives. The planets in the sky are constantly moving, and their movement brings about the influence of good and bad energies. These, in turn, affect ordinary lives and activities on Earth. The activation of energy is affected by different astrological factors. Astrologers suggest auspicious timings for performing auspicious activities to bring positive results.


Importance of a “Shubh Muhurata”


Choosing an auspicious time or Shubh Muhurata before undertaking a task can lead to success and prosperity without any obstacles. If a task is started during a good Hora, it is more likely to be completed without any hindrances. In ancient times, it was a common practice to select the right time for performing various activities. It was believed that doing so would attract natural support from the universe.


Shubh Muhurata for Marriage April 2024


If you are planning to get married in April 2024, then you should consider a Shubh Muhurata. It is essential to ensure happiness and longevity in your marriage. For a successful and prosperous married life, choose one of the available lucky dates as described. The planetary placements during that time ensure auspiciousness and positivity in your married life. Please click the link below to learn more about the Shubh Muhuratas for Marriage in April 2024.


Shubh Muhurata for Bhoomi Puja April 2024


Performing Bhoomi pujan is an important event before we start constructing a building. It is a ritual where we seek divine blessings for the upcoming construction. Bhoomi pujan is considered good for construction when done at an auspicious time, as it seeks the blessings of Mars, the planet connected with land. This eliminates the chances of obstructions and mishappenings during construction and ensures happiness and prosperity for the people residing in the building. For business or industrial land, performing puja is necessary for its success and growth. During Bhoomi pujan, we perform various rituals that activate favourable energies, remove negativity, clear obstacles, and bring success and prosperity to the upcoming construction.

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Shubh Muhurata for Purchasing a New Vehicle, April 2024


When it comes to buying a vehicle, it is advisable to consider choosing a Shubh Muhurata. This is because it helps to reduce the likelihood of accidents, maintenance costs, and ensures smooth operations. By purchasing a vehicle during a Shubh Muhurata, one can accomplish their tasks smoothly and enjoy the benefits of the positive universal energies. Therefore, it is essential to select a Shubh Muhurata for the purchase of a new vehicle, as it helps to bring in positive energy and good fortune.

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Shubh Muhurata for Engagement April 2024


It is important to choose an auspicious date and time, known as Shubh Muhurat, for your engagement ceremony. This marks the beginning of your journey towards marriage and, hence, should be planned with great care. You are paving the way towards a successful and happy marriage by attracting positive energies during your engagement. Choosing an auspicious time has both astrological and cultural significance. With positive planetary alignments, you can look forward to a blissful marriage, progeny, and a bright future with your partner.

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Shubh Muhurata for Starting a Business April 2024


Choosing a Shubh Mahurata when starting a new business or expanding an existing one is important, as your future success depends on it. Auspicious times are important for starting a business to avoid negative forces and ensure growth and success, providing financial and mental security. Starting a business venture during Shubh Muhurata helps eliminate the chances of loss, failure, theft, and fraud, among other things. It is essential for the smooth operation of a business, bringing success and prosperity in the long run.

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Shubh Muhurata for Mundan April 2024


In Hindu culture, Mundan is a significant ceremony in which the head of a newborn baby is shaved for the first time. It is believed that this act helps to disconnect the present and past life of the baby. Choosing an auspicious date and time for the Mundan ceremony is crucial as it ensures the spiritual and intellectual growth of the child. Performing the ceremony in shubh muhurat (an auspicious time) can help aid in the overall development of the child.

If you wish to learn about the Shubh Muhuratas for Mundan in April 2024, you can click on the link provided.


Shubh Muhurata for Graha Pravesh April 2024


Entering a new home is a special moment in anyone's life. It holds great emotional value and is connected to the overall prosperity of the dwellers. A house that is in sync with positive energies ensures the physical, financial, mental, and spiritual well-being of the residents. Therefore, choosing a Shubh Muhurta for the Graha Pravesh ceremony is important as it helps attract positive energies and ensure the overall prosperity of the dwellers. Entering a home in a Shubh Muhurta is crucial for health, wealth, happiness, and overall prosperity. If you are planning to enter a new home in April 2024 and want to know the lucky times, please click here for Shubh Muhurata for Graha Pravesh April 2024.




It is important to observe Shubh Muhurata for various activities. Ignoring them may lead to unwanted outcomes like health issues, fights at home, or career failures. Following Muhurata ensures smooth operations and desired results in life. If you are facing any trouble in life, you can seek genuine and best astrological guidance from Indian Astrology. They have solutions for all your problems.