Sharad Navratri 2023: Day 1 of Goddess Shailputri

Indian Astrology | 05-Oct-2023

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According to Indian Astrology, the 9 days of Navratri are considered as the most auspicious days of the year. These 9 days are dedicated solely to Maa Durga (Goddess Durga) and Her 9 avatars or incarnations (forms). Sharad Navratri is celebrated with unparalleled fervor & festive spirit all over India especially in northern and western parts of the country. It is a time for new beginnings and offering of one’s dedication and reverence to Goddess Durga or Maa Adi Shakti. Navratri represents an incredible opportunity to immerse your soul into the devotion of Goddess Durga.

During Navratri, Goddess Durga is worshipped in all Her 9 forms. Devotees not just in India but all over the world, observe fasts and eat only ‘Sattvik’ Navratri Food. People only eat a proper vegetarian diet and avoid even using onion in their food. The 1st form of Goddess Durga, Maa Shailputri or Goddess Shailputri is worshipped by the devotees on the very 1st day of the Navratri. According to the holy Hindu scriptures, Goddess Sati took a rebirth as the daughter of King Himalaya and came to be known as Shailputri, which in the current context means- Daughter of Himalaya.


Date of the 1st Day of Sharad Navratri 2023: 15th October 2023


According to the Hindu Panchang Calendar, Sharad Navratri will begin from 15th October 2023 (Sunday) and will continue till 23rd October 2023 (Monday).


Story Behind the 1st Day of Navratri


Maa Adi Shakti in Her previous birth was the daughter of Daksha Prajapati and Her name was Sati. She was married to Lord Shiva but in a Yagya ceremony organized by Daksha, She self-immolated Herself in the yogic fire because She couldn’t bear the insult meted out to Her husband by Her father in the ceremony. Thereafter, She incarnated as Parvati also known as Shailputri, the daughter of King Himalaya. As Parvati or Shailputri She got married to Lord Shiva during this birth as well. Since then, She is the first and the most significant among the Nav Durgas worshipped during Navratri.


Significance of the 1st Day of Navratri:


Navratri is a very important festival for all the devotees of Goddess Durga. Many sacred customs are performed by people during these 9 days. The 1st day is dedicated to Goddess Shailputri, the Goddess of Muladhara Chakra or the Root Chakra. It is believed that by worshipping Goddess Shailputri one gets blessed with a life full of peace and harmony as She is known for providing good fortune to all Her devotees.


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One should recite the following mantra while performing Maa Shailputri Pujan to attain the blessings of the Goddess: “Om Devi Shailaputraayyai Namah” (ओम देवी शैलपुत्रायै नमः)


How to perform Maa Shailputri Pujan?


  • Place a Red cloth on the chowki, where you want to place Goddess Shailputri’s picture.
  • Write “Sh” in Hindi/Sanskrit with Kesar on it, and also place Gutika there. Now take the red flowers in your hand and pray to Goddess Shailputri while chanting the following mantra.
  • Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Vichaye Om Shailputri Devvyyai Namah.
  • While chanting the mantra, offer flowers to the Goddess and place them in front of Her picture.
  • After that, offer some home-made sweets as Bhog and chant the Goddess’s name.
  • “Om Shan Shailputri Dewya” (ओम शान शैलपुत्री दीया).
  • After chanting the Mantra, pray to Goddess Shailputri with full concentration for attaining Her blessings.


Navratri Pujas to Seek Maa Durga’s Blessings


There are many pujas (Vedic worship rituals) mentioned in the holy Hindu scriptures to please all forms of Maa Durga also known as Nav Durga. These pujas are extremely powerful rituals that open up the doorway to Devi’s grace & blessings in the life of a devotee.

One such puja which is widely opted for by the devotees is the Nav Durga Puja.

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