Score well in your exams with these Vastu tips

Future Point | 11-Jul-2019

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Best Shastra Vastu Tips: Education is very important in one’s life, it not only gives bookish knowledge but it also develops the mind of an individual. It is essential for the personal and social development of the nation. An Educated person can understand the difference between the right and the wrong. In today’s world, the competition level is increasing so much that if you want to succeed in life then you need to have academic qualifications suitable for that. But often children are not able to score well in their exams, wherein Vastu Tips for exams could have come in handy. One can also always Talk to Astrologer on Phone and know about the educational prospects through an Education horoscope.

Academic examinations have a lot of importance in a student’s life because they compel the students to learn. If exams are not there then there would not be any need for the students to study or read. Which would negate the will to study and most of the students don’t learn or read. So they would know very little about the world and they will not have knowledge about the different subjects.

They would learn only those subjects which they find easy and they are comfortable in and ignore the other subjects which are tough or difficult according to them. This will not take them anywhere, as knowledge of everything is required if you want to gain success. Sometimes the students work hard, but still, they are not able to score well. In such a situation, parents get tensed and try to figure out the cause of not scoring good marks.

Vastu Dosha: The reason for not scoring well

Vastu dosha might be the reason behind the architectural defect that is preventing a student to score well in his/her studies. In such a situation, students can also take Vastu tips for Exams and can score better. A student can excel in studies and can perform really better if the place where the student studies, are examined by a Vastu Consultant. The concentration and the focusing power of the students get enhanced which helps them in performing better and scoring well.

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Vastu Tips for Students:

Here are some Vastu remedies for getting good marks:

    • The study room of a student should always be located in the East, North or North-East direction. These directions make the students energetic and focused. As a result, the students are able to perform better in their exams. The school students should face the east direction and study while the students who are opting for higher education should face the north direction.
    • A student should never study under a beam because this can give highly inauspicious results. Make sure that the study room of the student should never be below a beam.
    • The color of the walls also play an important role, the walls of the room where the student studies should be painted by vibrant colors. This makes the environment of the room cheerful and happy and thus, the students are able to study with full concentration.
    • The lighting of the room should be perfect. If the student is studying in dim lights then the student’s shadow will fall on the books which will enhance the burden of studies on the student. And, if the student is using a table lamp for the lighting then it should be kept at the left side of the study table.
    • The pictures and paintings that are hung on the walls should be chosen carefully. Paintings of sunsets, skeletons, dragons, etc should be avoided because they can make the surroundings negative. Therefore, paintings or pictures of the sunrise, running cars, etc should be used because they boost the energy level of the students and make their mood better.

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  • The study table should also be placed in the East, North or North-East direction. The table should not be placed against a wall. There should be an open space in front of the study table this will bring new ideas to the student’s mind. And as a result, he/she will able to do smart work and will surely perform better.
  • The bookshelf should not be placed on the sides or top of the study table. If the bookshelf is placed at the top of the study table then it will enhance the pressure of studies on the students. This will also reduce the light that will reach the study table of the student and hence, will weaken their eyes.
  • When the student’s take a break from their studies then they should listen to soothing and inspirational songs. These songs will make their mood better and will encourage them to give their 100% with full potential.
  • On the study table, an idol of god should be there because the student will attain the blessing of the Lord and will gain success.
  • Don’t keep any eatable on the study table as this will distract the student.

These Vastu remedies will surely help the students for securing good marks in their exams. Exams are very important for testing an individual’s knowledge and to show the true picture of where he/she stands. For full assurance and for proper guidance you can also contact our panel of world famous astrologers.