Saturn - A retrospective analysis of the planet

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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S- self analyzing

A- administrative

T- tolerance

U- undaunted understanding

R- righteousness

N- non attachment

There have been innumerable discussions about the most dreaded planet ‘SATURN’. People are scared when they come to know that their Saturn dasha is about to start or they are undergoing the Sade Sati or Dhaiya of Saturn. There is no doubt that Saturn is called a malefic planet, who as a judge takes control of our Karmic actions. He is a slow task master, who gives the results very slowly. He has got tedi (vakri) drishti which is supposed to have evil effects wherever it rests.

SATURN = SA+TURN as the name suggests- turns the things around and brings adversities. There is no denying the fact that due to its malefic nature it harms the native whenever it’s Dasa or Antardasa comes. In its positive plane it makes the person Karma oriented & makes life clear as a crystal. “As you sow so shall you reap.” This planet takes away from you the most desirable things of your life, gives you setbacks, but at the same time puts you on the right path, gives you self realization. If you follow the right path, this planet confers on you all the happiness & fills your life with abundance.

In this topic we will discuss Saturn’s role in the horoscopes and how this planet works for Aries & Taurus ascendant people. In Aries ascendant, Saturn owns two houses 10th (karamsthan) &11th house (labhsthan). The 11th house from any moveable ascendants is the Badhaka Sthana and the lord of this house is called Badhakadhipati (an obstructing force). Hence, the role of Saturn for Aries ascendant is not good. Saturn gets exalted in Venus sign- Libra and is debilitated in Mars sign Aries. Saturn casts its aspect on 3rd, 7th, & 10th houses.

In Taurus ascendant, Saturn becomes a Yoga Karak planet. A planet which is lord of Kendra Sthan and also of a Trikona Sthan (because of the dual lordship of the houses) becomes Yogakarak by itself, and confers good results in its Dasa and Antardasa. In Taurus ascendant, Saturn owns two houses the 9th( Lakshmi) sthan and 10th( Vishnu) sthan. Being Yogakarak, if it is placed in kendra sthan from lagna, it gives good results concerning that bhava. For example, in Taurus ascendant, if the Yogakari Saturn is placed in 7th house, it enhances the good results of this bhava. The spouse belongs to a good family with high ideals and principals in life. From 7th bhava it aspects the lagna from its 7th aspects, hence fortifies lagna, it casts its 3th aspect on the 9th house, since it is its own house, it gives good results concerning to 9th house. If any other planet is placed in the 9th house, Saturn offers extremely good results through that planet. Also, whenever Dasa and Antardasa arrive of that planet, Saturn aspects its 10th aspect on 4th house and if any planet is positioned there that planet is also fortified.

Lord Krishna’s horoscope is the best example in this context. The immortal Bhagvadgita, preached by the Lord, when Arjuna became uncertain about his duty, Krishna’s sermons inspired the moral and spiritual thought and actions of innumerable persons and offered solutions to their problems. He showed the way to do the things and to do one’s duty by being non-attached and further illustrated this in His own life.

With this analysis of the planet Saturn, we sum up that we should not be scared whenever there is dasa or antardasa, rather we should prepare ourselves with the inherent qualities which this planet has as the karmic controller of all the human beings on this earth. It is endowed with the power to punish or reward according to our karmas.

However, to ward off the evil effects of sade sati or dhaiya, we should chant this mantra with great devotion on every Saturday‘- Om Sham Shaneshcharay Namah’, and do japa of 10 names of Saturn everyday-

‘Om Konasthaye Namah’

’Om Raudratamkay Namah’

’Om Yamay Namah’

’Om Babharve Namah’

’Om Manday Namah’

’Om Pipplaye Namah’

’Om Pinglaye Namah’

’Om Shaneshcharaye Namah’

’Om Saurye Namah’

’Om krishnaye Namah’

’Om chayaatamjaye Namah’