Remedial aspect Of Astrology

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Propose to deal with astrological remedies to combat and overcome bad dasas, bad times and bad transits. There are ways and means to mitigate the evils indicated in one’s horoscope and one should never shirk duty and responsibility to resort to remedial astrology according to one’s best ability.

When bed gochara or bad period or dasa is running for a man, he should propitiate the planets in the following ways :

Remedial visit of suryanar temple near kumbakonam or the sun temple of Konark (Orissa) ad offer worship to the sun. When the sun is afflicted in the horoscope or his bad dasa is running, one should recite daily Aditya Hridaya Stotra. For the sun one should wear his ring with a ruby set in gold, in the fourth finger of the right hand.
For Sun :
Remedial If the Moon is afflicted in the horoscope, one should periodically visit thirumalai Tirupati to have Darshan of Balaji or Lord Venkateswara. For the Moon one should wear a ring or locket set with pearl or moonstone. Alternatively one can fast on each monday to propitiate the Moon and go to the temple of Lord Shiva on every monday.
For Moon :
Remedial If Mars is afflicted one should propitiate Lord Muruga, observe fast on tuesday and wear a coral ring. The presiding deity for Mars is at Palani (Madurai District).
For Mars :
Remedial The presiding deity of Mercury is considered to be chokkanathan of Madurai. One should observe fast on every wednesday or visit Lord Vishnu’s temple on every wednesday and perform archana to him. Fast on the days of the stars governed by Mercury, Aslesha or Ailiyam, Hasta and Revati wear a ring with emerald set in gold.
For Mercury :
Remedial If Jupiter is afflicted or is badly placed in gochara or if adverse jupiter dasa is running. One should visit tiruchendur and worship lord subramanya. One should observe fast on thursday or on the days ruled by punarvasu, visakha and poor vabhadrapada and worship dakshinamoorthy. To propitiate jupiter, one should wear a gold ring set with pushyaraga or yellow sapphire (Pukhraj)
For Jupiter :
Remedial Sri Ranganathaswami of srirangam is said to be the abode of venus. When one has adverse venus dasa, or when venus, kalatrakaraka, is afflicted, one should visit this temple. One can observe fast on every friday or on the days ruled by Bharani, Pubba and Poorvashadha. On every friday one can visit the temple of Lakshmi and recit Mahalakshmi stotram and were a diamond ring and use silver vessels and worship cows.
For Venus :
Remedial This is the most dreadful planet in the sense that he is a stern taskmaster, renders justice and makes a man reap the consequence of his past acts. Seven and half year’s period of Saturn (or sada sathi) is said to bring untold misfortune. A visit to Tirunallur every year is a must to ward off the evil. The person must observe fast on every saturday, wear neelam or ametuyst or blue supphire and every saturday should go to Navagraha temple and feed the crows. Observation of these are said to go a long way in propitiating lord Saturn.
For Saturn :
Remedial Kalahasti where Lord Shiva temple is situated Rahu has to be propitiated. As no separate days are assigned for Rahu the days ruled by Aridra, Swati and Satabhisha may be taken as day for fasting. Gomedaka is the precious stone to ward off the evil of Rahu.
For Rahu :
Remedial The presiding deity for ketu is supposed to be at Rameswaram where people often go to pray to propitiate sarpa dosha in order to hare progeny. For Ketu, cat’s eye is a gemstone and one should fast on the days ruled by Aswini, Makha and Moola, It is said daily worship of snake made in silver also helps to propitiate Rahu and Ketu. Worship of Mahaganapati or construction of Ganapati temple during Ketu Mahadasa brings prosperity surely.
For Ketu :

Apart from these visits to holy places, on should resort to homa, yagna etc, to ward off the evil. Like remedial measures, there are preventive measures.

The bese course is to choose an auspicious Muhurtha admit of no delay, Good and auspicious horas can be chosen.

In day-to-day activities one should do all important works when the star that ruled the day is in 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th or 9th from your Janma (birth) star.

A note of caution regarding the usage of gems. It should not be defective, impure, of dull lustre, full of scratches, mixed with minerals substones, broken, ill-perforated, and mixed with granel.

Gems should be fo the purest watermark, should be of correct meight, colour and without blamished, should be worn on an auspicious date after performing due pooja.