Radical number 6 Venus

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Venus is the lord of this number. The Radical number of the people born on any of the 6th, 15th and 24th dates is 6. From 20th April to 24th May and them fron 21st September to 24th October, the Sun transits over Sayan Taurus and Sayan Libra. According to Nrayan theory, the Sun transits over the two sings stated above between 13th May to 14th June and them fron 17th October to 13th November. These are the signs of Venus. So, Venus showers its benefic effects over the people born during these periods.

These people possess plenty of power of attraction and prove very much sociable. This is why they become very popular. People around them love them and pay them much respect. They like beauty. They have fascination for decent people and they take interest in art, paintings, music and literature. They like to wear beautiful apparels. They like to be hospitable and to keep the things in order. They also like to keep clothes, furniture, upholstery etc. in order. By nature, they happen to be obstinate. They cause people to accept their views. They are very much jealous, so they do not tolerate antagonism. They make people their friends and mingle with them.

Due to the effects of Radical number 6 there are power of attraction and affability in abundance in them. They earn popularity due to these qualities. They are fascinated by beauty and beautiful things. They have fascination for opposite sex also and they like to establish relations with and to talk to pretty women.

They happen to be interested in art and they may adopt the field of arts for their livelihood. They also have fascination for music, literature, modern arts, paintings etc. They like to wear beautiful clothes and to reside in a well-equipped and decorated house. In office or house, they like things to be in order. Besides, they are fond of good-looking furniture and upholstery etc.

They are somewhat obstinate and they always try to make people around them accept what they say. They are jealous and rigid at their stand. They do not tolerate antagonism in their field of work, which causes them mental pressure and self humiliation. They are expert in making others their own. They have a large number of friends since they know how to make friends.

Blue colour-whether light or sky-is lucky for them. Light pink colour is also lucky, but they should not use deep black or red colour. Thesday, Thursday and Friday are lucky for them. Dates 6, 15 and 24 are auspicious. If the period from 20th April to 24th may or 24th September to 24th October happens to be the Solar month Nirayan or, it proves to be much favourable. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are much more benefic, if they fall on any date stated above. These people should start their new and important ventures on these days and dates a during the months as mentioned.

Numbers 3 and 9 are the friends of the people having 6 as their radical number. Therefore, dates 3, 12, 21, 30 and 9, 18 and 27 are favourable. These days, dates and years will prove to be inauspicious if they had been the same in their previous life.

The 6th, 15th, 24th, 33rd, 42nd, 51th, 60th and 69th the years of age of these people are important for them. All the favourable and unfavourable incidents will take place during these years. The years of 3 and 9 numbers also prove to be lucky for these people.

The calendar years, the sum totals of which are 6, 3, and 9, eventful under the influence of radical number are-2004, 2013, 2022, 2031, 2040, 2049, 2058, 2067, and 2076. Mitrank 6 showers its effect on the years 2001, 2010, 2019, 2028, 2037, 2046, 2055, 2064 and 2073 whereas the years influenced by Mitrank 9 are 2007, 2016, 2025, 2034, 2043, 2052, 2061, 2070 and 2079.

Numbers 3 and 9 are the friends of the people having number 6 as their radical number. So, numbers 3,6,9 prove to be event numbers 2, 4, 5 and 7 give mixed results and 1 and 8 are their enemies. The days, dates, months and years associated with these numbers shower their effects on these people. According to Indian theory, they should wear diamond, Opal or Zircon on Friday in such a way that it touches the body.

According to Cheiro, these people make the people having number 5 their friends. Specially if they are born in the catogery of 3, 6 and 9 numbers. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are their lucky days. These days prove more favourable if they fall on 3rd, 6th or 9th. The 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 24th, 27th or 30th is the lucky day for them. These people should start their project on the dates associated with their own numbers. These dates are 6th, 15th or 24th. Periods from 20th April to 20-27th May and then from 21st September to 20-27th October are favbourable for there people. Blue colour-whether light or deep in shade is lucky for them. All the shades of pink colour are also lucky for them. But they should avoid black and deep reddish blue colours.

Turquoise is the lucky gem for them and they should wear it in such a way that it touches the body. Emerald is also lucky for them.

According to Sapharial, number 4 keeps vibrating the people with radical number 6. Numbers 3 and 9 attract them and 1 and 8 are their enemies. Numbers 2, 5 and 7 give mixed results. Friday proves much favourable for them.