Planets And Houses in Kundali That Enhance Wealth

Indian Astrology | 06-Nov-2019

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The entire world today revolves around money and possessions. So it is really an important factor to look at while analyzing any horoscope. Most of the Astrologers claim that the main questions they get are related to money i.e. Will I be able to get rich? Will I be able to get my Loan Approved? Which concludes the fact that the highest priority is given to money these days. Even family and parents are neglected in front of money. Finance Horoscope is done on many different things and it is done for knowing the financial prospects of a person and how it would be affected by the planets.

Wealth Prosperity In Astrology

Astrology is highly related to the wealth and financial prospects of a person. Here are some of the basic factors that are responsible for money in your Kundli:

  • The 2nd house in the horoscope indicates the sources of income, the inflow of funds, and the self-earned financial prosperity.
  • The 4th house indicates conveniences, parental inheritance, property, land, and vehicles.
  • The 5th house is of the unexpected gain, lottery, playing, speculations, etc.
  • Study of the 7th house will help one to know about his/her business travels.
  • The 8th house will tell you about stocks, hidden deals, other’s money, the dowry of the partner and benefit from in-laws and inheritance.
  • The strength of 9th house indicates how easily one will get monetary benefits.
  • The study of 11th house will let you know about gathered prosperity, rising and falling money gains.

Houses And Planets To Be Seen In Horoscope Of A Person

The second house in the horoscope is responsible for wealth and financial stability and is known as Dhana Bhava. The Lord present in the house, its strength, and indicator must be checked to know about the financial prospects. In addition to the 2nd house, the strength of the 11th house, 6th house, and the 10th house also need to be checked. These houses have a tremendous effect on the wealth and riches of a person.

Moon and Jupiter is the main cause of wealth in any person’s horoscope. Venus bestows luxuries and comforts in any person’s life. Without the blessing of Venus, no luxuries and enjoyment are achieved in your life.

Mercury is another planet which is termed as a very important planet for financial gain. Well-Placed mercury indicates financial success and profits in business. An exalted Mercury in the birth chart is a great blessing for financial stability.

Strength of the planets is an important factor for determining the Magnitude of wealth you will hold. We need to check the strength of the planet from some special ascendants, such as Arudha Lagna, Indu Lagna, and Sree Lagna.

These are some of the principles for checking financial prosperity in the horoscope:

  • A native is very lucky regarding money if Jupiter is placed in his/her own sign or exaltation sign. Jupiter is recognized as the most beneficial planet in the entire zodiac.
  • The presence of Lords of the 1st, 2nd and The 11th houses in their respective houses makes a person extremely rich.
  • Jupiter conjuncts with 2nd Lord and Mercury.
  • The aspect of the Sun on the Moon is extremely favorable for gaining riches.
  • Presence of Jupiter and Venus in exaltation sign is considered great for promoting financial status.
  • The 2nd, 4th, 9th, and 11th house or Lord if are placed well they indicate gain from investments
  • The connection of 5th and 9th Lord to any of the houses of 2,5,8,11,5,9 indicates good Dhan yoga and may give good returns.
  • The Lord of the ascendant in 2,5,8,11,5,9 houses along with the Lord of these.
  • Jupiter placed in ascendant and aspected by Lords of the 2nd,5th, and 9th house also indicates success in the stock market investment.
  • The connection of the 5th lord to 2nd house and the 9th, 11th house or the connection of 9th lord to 2nd, 11th or 5th house also gives earning in speculations, more so if the ascendant lord is also placed in one of these houses.

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It is considered that money doesn’t stay with a person for long. So, what should a person do in order to accumulate wealth and have an abundance of money? A person can know about his financial prospects with the help of Online Finance Astrology Report from some famous astrologer.

A person requires money for everyday chores. And money is the most essential thing to sustain in this fast-paced world. A person when suffers from financial problems usually tends to be depressed and is not able to focus upon anything. In such cases, Finance Astrology Consultation provides you with Financial Problems Solution.

Financial prediction by date of birth of a person is one of the best ways to judge the financial prospects of a person. Wealth prediction by date of birth is highly recommended because of the accuracy of the predictions. A person has the option of going to an astrologer as he will help him/her in solving most of the problems in the life of a person.