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Krishna Kapoor

Palmistry is also known as palm reading. It is the practice of reading the shapes, lines and other features of a person's hands to gain insight into their character, current experiences and what the future may hold for them.

Interpretation in palmistry, today there are different opinions about which hand the palmist should consult in reading. Often the left hand is taken to represent the past. The right hand represents the future, however these meanings sometimes apply only to men and may be reversed for women's hands. Often the dominant hand [(the one you use to write with) (working hand)] is taken to represent a person's character and direction in life. While the other hand, known as the minor hand, indicates the person's background and inner potential.

In palm reading the palmist will want to look querent's hands and looking at their shape texture and colour, fingers' nails.

The palmist may do the reading by examining the hands physically or by taking photocopies or palm prints.

One of the first things palmist may observe when studying a person's hands is their shape.

Different shape of hands

  1. The Fire Hand: The fire hands tend to have rectangular palm. The lines on the palm are often strong and numerous and have a busy look to them.

    The fire hand indicates an energetic, restless temperament, a person who is full of excitement. They can be fearless risk takers.

  2. The Earth Hand: Earth hands have a solid appearance with broad square palms and fingers that are about the same length as the palm. The nails and tips of the fingers are square shaped and the skin is often thick and hardwearing.

    People with earth hands tend to be practical down to earth. They are known for their common sense. They know how to get things done. They are also usually very helpful individuals.

  3. The Air Hands: Air hands have square palm with long boney fingers. The singers tend to have rounded or spatulate tips and the skin of palm may have a tendency to dryness.

    With this palm, people are intellectual, scientists & philosophers. Air hands' types are quick learners and often good at solving problems and working out complex matters that require concentration. They need a lot of freedom to meet new people and explore their many interests.

  4. The Water Hand: Water hands are graceful in shape, land rectangular palm pointed and long fingers. The lines on the hand end to be fine and faint.

    People with water hands are often quite emotional and governed by their moods. They are day dreamers who wish and hope that their wildest fantasies will come true so that one day their every will be fulfilled.

  5. The Mixed Hand: Often a hand shape does not fit any one of the main categories, but it is a combination of two or more hand shapes. In this case, the meanings of the various shapes are synthesized.

In palmistry, our fingers and thumbs represent the way we express ourselves in the world. Flexible fingers and thumbs may indicate an easy going, adoptable nature while stiff thumbs and fingers suggest stubbornness and insistence on having everything one's own way.

Straight fingers and thumbs indicate that the person expresses him or herself directly with strength and ease, while crooked or twisted fingers suggest the opposite.

Long fingers indicate that he or she is perfectionist, while extra-long fingers show that he or she is prone to exaggeration while short fingers suggest an impatient native.

When the thumb is strong and substantial in size, it suggests that the person need to assert his or her power and authority. If the thumb is curled and small and tucked into the palm it seems subordination to others.

A strong thick thumb suggests a person has the capacity to deal in any situation in life. The upper part of thumb represent will and lower part of thumb represents logic. If both parts are same, it indicates a balance between will and logic.

The Major Lines of the Palm: The major lines on the palms of our hands represent our basic energies and drives. The three main lines found on almost every human palm are the head line the heart line and the life line. The fourth most commonly found line is the fate line.

The strong and deep lines indicate the level of energy in those areas of our life. Weak lines signify low energy and high sensitivity.

A missing line can indicate that a person finds difficult to access. For example, someone with a missing hand line may have difficulty in steadying some subjects.

Forks and branches represent possible changes.

The life line begins on the thumb side of the palm and curves downwards towards the wrist.

The heart line represents our emotional energy and love to relationships. This line runs horizontally across the top of the palm, starting on the opposite side to the life line.

If there are lots of small lines branching from the heart line, the person will be friendly and gregarious and will have an active social life. The head line represents our mental energy and power of reasoning.

The head line runs horizontally between the life and heart lines and usually starts on or near the beginning of the life line. If the tow lines have distinct starting points a well-balanced it indicates a well-balanced independent nature. If their starting points overlap, it indicates dependence on others is indicated.

The Fate Line: The fate line represents our desire to achieve. The fate line runs from the bottom aria of the palm upwards usually towards the mount of Saturn and it represents career, marriage and the family.

People with missing or weak or broken fate lines may have unsettled life and might have to change jobs. A fate line beginning at the mount of Venus suggests that romantic matters will be bound up with the person's ambitions and career choices.

After line that begins at the head line suggests that academic effort has played an important part in the person achieving success in life.

The Minor Lines: In general, if there are few lines in the palm of the hand this indicates an easy going character who likes a simple uncomplicated life.

The Success line: The success line runs vertically from the palm towards the middle finger, it represents the importance of fame, fortune and success to the individual. If there is a break in the line, this indicates a period of struggle in achieving one's dream.

Main lines in palm:

  1. Success Line
  2. Life Line
  3. Head Line
  4. Heart Line
  5. Fate Line