Mysterious Power of the Numbers

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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We see different things arounds us in different forms. If mixed, two or more colours make some different ones. For instance, if yellow and red colours are mixed, we get orange colour as a result. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of colours can be made this way. But, basically there are only seven colours as we see in a rainbow. These seven colours can be observed by a prism in the sunlight. Though if seen without a prism or a thing like this, the sunlight looks colour less. Sunlight is the root of these seven colours.

All the five essential elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether-are found there in every thing seen. These elements are mixed in different ratio and through different ways. Some things have an element in abundance whereas the same element in some other thing is less than that. This is true that the whole world is made of these five essential elements. These elements have originated from the sky-air from sky, fire from air, water from fire and earth from water. 'Sound' is the attribute of the sky, 'touch' of air, luminosity (from) of fire, taste of water and smell is the attribute of earth. As the sky is the base of all the matters in the world, so 'sound' is the chief quality of all the things. This is why sound has been called 'Shabd Brahma' i.e. sound is the symbol of the Almighty. All the words are the symbols of Brahma. But the qualities and effects of the words are different. The power of every word can be measured by transforming it into number. If chanted 7000 times, a word achieves its totality whereas some other word achieves its completeness after being chanted 17000 times.

Our Rishis and Maharshis were well acquainted with the relation between the number and the word. Therefore the Mantra of the Sun should be chanted by 7000 times, of Moon by 11000 times, of Mars by 10,000, of Mercury by 9000, of Jupiter by 19000, of Venus by 16000 , of Saturn by 23000, of Rahu by 18000 and that of Ketu should be chanted by 17000. There are 5 letters there in the Mantra of a deity whereas in that of some other there are 9 or 22 and so on. So, there is a close relation between the word and the number which is scientific. Number and act (deed) are closely associated with each other . Zero represents the Nirakar and Nirvikar Brahma whereas '1' represents the Advait form of the same. It means that like the word, the number is also the base of all the things. The sky is considered to be Zero. Both the word and the number have originated from Zero. There would not have been a provision for making a rosary of 108 beads in our scriptures had there not been a relation between a number and a thing. Every number has got its importance. Chanting of a Mantra on a rosary of 25 beads gives Moksha, on a rosary of 30 beads it gives wealth, on a rosary having 27 beads accomplishment of self interest, on a rosary of 54 beads fulfilment of desires and on a rosary of 108 it gives accomplishment of all Siddhis. But in Abhichar Karm, a chanting on a rosary of 15 beads is sufficient. What is the mystery behind a rosary of 108 beads? The Sun completes an orbit at it completes its transit in a sign.

There are 360 degrees (Amshas) in an orbit. Thus if we want to change the degrees into Kalas, we should multiply the degrees of 360 by 60. We shall get 21600 Kalaas(Phases) as its product. The Sun remains in summer solstice for six months when it is on north equator and for six months in winter solstice while it is to the south of equator. These two states of the Sun are called Uttarayan and Dakshinayan respectively. Now, if we divide this sum total of 21600 into two parts we shall get 10800 as its product. Here is an other method of calculation. The period between one sunrise to the next is said to be equal to 60 Gharis. There are 60 Palas in a Ghari and 60 Vipalas in 1 Pala. Thus, if we multiply 60 Gharis by 60 Palas and then the product by 60 Vipalas, we shall get 216000 as Vipalas. Now, if this total of 21600 Vipalas is divided two parts, we shall get 108000 Vipalas for day and 108000 for night. Our ancient Rishis had made the 'Kaala', i.e. time and 'Samkhya' i.e. the number their base of calculation as it is done today in a scientific way in terms of rupees, paise, measurements etc. The number of 108000 is the result of this very equation. If the last three Zeroes are removed according to the decimal system, we shall get 108. Our ancient Rishis had developed a system through which the qualities of a man could be known by making out the sum total of his name and all the letters there in it. Jaya Parajaya Chakras have been cast somewhere later in this regard. Numerology, the science of Mantras etc. help us find as to who is the debtor of whom between the two-the debtor or the lender because the act of giving and taking is done by numbers itself. See Tantrasar in this connection. Today the scientists find out as to which eatable has how much nutritives in it by calculating its chalories. Likewise, which name a person will be stronger than any one else by changing his name into numbers.

The name of a man is his entity. According to some sholars, the conciousness of a man remains active even while he is sleeping. This keeps him concious. A man sleeping among some people awakes if he is called by his name. This has been mentioned in Narapati Jaya Charcha that the name of a man should be kept into consideration by which he is called and awaken. The 'name' and the 'number' have been proved helpful in prediction from the very beginning of the history of mankind. There is a coordination between a particular number and the thing related with it like a television, which telecasts a particular programme it has been set for. It has been proved by new researches that some insects can communicate their messages to insects of the same group. Here again the example of television can be cited as done earlier. If the insects are put in different places in different groups in garden, they all will gather in a single group at a certain point of the garden.

It was found during a research that some flies of a particular kind, divided into two groups and both the groups were kept several miles away from each other, gathered in a single group after a short while. Scatter some grains of corn in a jungle and birds will come to peck them. Spread some sugar, ants will pounce upon it. Take the dead body of an animal to a lonely place and leave it there, soon the vultures and kites will start hovering over it. Tie a goat or a buffalo with a tree in a forest, a lion will come to eat it up. It means, that things of same group get attracted to each other. Similarly, persons having number 1 will be attracted to each other. This is a general rule. Numerologists know that number '1' will prove favourable for a man having number '1' as his radical number and he will have friendship with some number '1' people. Likewise, number '2' will prove to be favourable for a man having the same number as Radical number and he will enjoy friendship with a man of the same category of number. Absolute explanation of Numerology is not possible. Why only 18 Chapters are there in Bhagvadgita ? Why do we have only 18 Parvas there in the Mahabharat ? What is the scientific reason behind the number of Puranas 18 in number? The sum total of this '18' is 1+8=9. Why? We can merely follow the path shown by our ancient saints and sages. Why are there only 12 Skandhas in Shrimadbhagvat? The 10th Skandha was so large that it had to be divided into two parts- 'Poorvardh' and 'Uttarardh'. So, why was the scripture not divided into 13 skandhas ? Why only 12? Why the Parayan of the Ramayan was performed in 9 days and that of the Mahabharat in 7 days? Why are only 24 letters there in Gayatri ? Why only the Saptapadi is performed in marriage? Why is Chaturthi performed for Ganesh, Ashtami for Durga, Saptami for the Sun, Ekadashi for Vishnu and Pradosh Vyapini Troyodashi for Rudra? All these questions related to Numerology can not be explained here. Numerology is very deep. you can benefit yourself by studying deeply the rules mentioned in it and can find as to which is unfavourable.