Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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With its rich archetypal imagery and symbolism, the tarot can easily be used for meditation. The tarot resonates to your intuitions; it is up to you to open yourself to that intuition which is always there for you. Simply by concentrating on a card and letting the images flow freely through you mind, you will begin develop your own powerful interpretation skills without having to resort to a book.

The meditative state exiles all those conscious thoughts, fears, worries and anxieties that can block the flow of archetypes and symbolism that speak to you. The dynamics of the unconscious flow deeply within us all and accessing them is not always easy in our self-centered little worlds, but with meditation you can unlock the doors and access the deeper wisdom of the universe.

Remember, meditation isn’t a non-experience; in fact, you will find that you become more in tune with your senses. Your hearing may be more acute, colors my seem more vivid, you smell the card as well as touch them, and ultimately you touch and resonate with the hidden aspects of yourself.