Maa Kali Jayanti 2019

Indian Astrology | 16-Aug-2019

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Maa Kali is the Hindu Goddess of ( Devi) of death, time. According to Indian astrology, the Goddess is mainly born for the destruction of the devil and negative energies. This festival is celebrated since Maa Kaali appears in front of Lord Brahma from the body parts of Lord Shiva such as eyes, face, nose, and arms. Maa Kali is said to be the feminine form of Lord Shiva, as she is consolidated from Lord Shiva. The display of anger Goddess is known as Ardhnarishwar. Maa Kali Jayanti 2019 day is mainly dedicated to the Goddess of Destruction. In India, the festival is mainly observed in the Kaali Maa temples. There are several manifestations of Goddess Shakti, which also include Maa Kali. As per Indian Astrology, Hindu communities worship Goddess as Kuldevi or we can say Family deities.

In Indian Astrology, Mahakaali or Maa kali is also known as Ardhratri (half night). One can see Maa Kali with many arms and capable to take any form as she is known for the destruction of devils. Maa Kali can be easily identified by anyone as she stepped on Lord Shiva with an evil’s head in her hand. At that time she has four arms. The individual who worships her with full faith and sincerity is protected from all the negative energies and devils.

Maa Kali Jayanti 2019 Date

In the year 2019, Maa Kali Jayanti will be celebrated on 24th August. According to Indian Astrology, the Maa Kali Jayanti is considered as the best day on which the individual can seek her blessing and make life peaceful and happy.

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Appearance of Mahakaali

Identifying the Goddess is not a difficult task as she looks scary with sharp teeth with a bad laugh. The individual can identify her as she has stepped on Lord Shiva. She possesses four arms. In one arm she is holding a sharp sword, in second hand she holds the head of the demon. In the third hand, she holds a vessel that is full of demon’s blood and in fourth hand Trishul. She has wild eyes and a long tongue outside the mouth. She wore a necklace of severed heads of the demon around the neck as she stays in the cremation ground.

Maa Kali Story

According to Indian Astrology, the main motive of the birth of maa kali is to destroy or kill the demon Raktabija. Several gods have tried a lot to kill him but couldn’t kill him. He is blessed by Lord Brahma that even a drop of his blood will develop one of his kind. The factor makes him almost invincible. After several tries at last gods approached Lord Shiva for help. In order to kill the demon, Mahakali appeared. The goddess is also known as Shyama, Kalika, Dakshina Kalika, Griha Kali, Kalratri, Bhadrakali, etc. When Maa Kali stepped into the battlefield, she spreads her hair and tongue which makes her furious and dangerous in look. In order to kill Raktabij, Maa Kali takes the sword and beheaded the demon. After beheading him, she holds his head in one hand and a vessel in other hand in which the blood is storing so that it could not drop on the ground and another devil appears as well. After killing she became more furious and start destroying everything whichever comes in her way. In order to stop her, Lord Shiva lies on the ground and Maa Kali steps on him. When she sees that Lord Shiva is on the ground her tongue spreads more as she is guilty that she stepped on his husband.

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Significance of Adya Kali Jayanti

On the day of Mahakaali or Maa kali Jayanti, Mahakaai Shatnaam Dhara Path is recited along with performing puja in the house or temple. To please the Goddess, Sunderkand is also recited at some places on Maa Kali Jayanti. To seek the Blessings, devotees participate in Maa Kali Puja with joy. An individual who worships her with full faith and dedication gets all his/her desired wishes fulfilled. On this day, The temple authorities prepare Bhandara for the devotees who visit the temple.

Maa Kali Jayanti Puja Vidhi

To seek the blessing of goddess Maa Kali one must follow the puja rituals properly. According to Indian Astrology, worship of Goddess Kali includes Puja preparations at households. Maa Kali is also worshipped as Adya Shakti Kali.

On Adya Kali or Maa Kali Jayanti, the deity is beautified and worshipped. Believers worship Kali Puja 2019 in India with flowers, fruits, sweets, rice, incense sticks, and lamp. Devotees recite the Adya Stotram to appease the Maa Kali and seek her blessings. The Adya Stotra is a part of the ancient Bramha scripture, which now turns into a part of the ancient Agama scriptures. There is a temple that has been dedicated to Adya Kali in Dakshineswar, Adyapeeth, West Bengal. If the individual is residing in foreign, then he/she can also Book Online Puja via Indian Astrology.