Lucky Number 9 Mars

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Mars is the lord of lucky number 9. It is the commander of all the planets. This blood-red planet has qualities of Kshatriya. Under its influence, the natives prosper independently in service or business. They make their fate by courageous deeds. They choose such jobs wherein they can lead. They always love to head a village or army or become pioneer in other walks of life.

In the field of employment, the natives scale heights due to their independent thinking. They like mechanical work. They like jobs in which they can have monopoly. Interference is the last thing they would consider. Therefore, they choose fields accordingly. They cannot tolerate any resistance. They do not like interference without any rhyme and reason. Their areas of interest are mechanical jobs, medicine, army and social activities.

Rise of fate for natives under influence of lucky number 9 starts at the age of 18 and peaks at 27, but culmination of their fate is seen at the age of 36.

Under influence of this lucky number those years of their age whose digits add up to 9 are fortunate for them such as 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72 and 81. These years prove to be beneficial to them.

The calendar years whose digits add up to 6 are beneficial to the people with lucky number 6. For instance years 2007,2016,2025,2034,2043,2052,2061,2070,2079 are eventful for such natives.