Lucky Number 7 Neptune or Ketu

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Ketu is the lord of number 7 according to Indian concept while according to western it is Neptune. This gives imaginative power and ability to think and discuss. Fortune rises, though the natives have to face hurdles. It makes them financially weak. They can amass wealth with lots of difficulties. But, most of them suffer financially. They are inclined towards art and philosophy. Therefore, they choose these areas as the source of their livelihood in which they may succeed.

The natives love jobs in which they may go on traveling extensively as they enjoy journey and tours much. They earn commercial benefit through such journey. They have their foreign contacts out of which they reap good benefit. They do not believe in rites and rituals prevailing in the society, rather they like changes and reforms in them. Their areas of operation too keep changing time to time.

Rise of fate for natives under influnce of lucky number 7 starts at the age of 25 and peaks at 34, but culmination of their fate is seen at the age of 43.

Under influence of this lucky number those years of their age whose digits add up to 6 are fortunate for them such as 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61, 70 and 79. These years prove to be beneficial to them.

The calendar years whose digits add up to 6 are beneficial to the people with lucky number 6. For instance years 2005,2014,2023,2032,2041,2050,2059,2068,2077 are eventful for such natives.