King of Pop: Michael Jackson : An Astrological Analysis

Indian Astrology | 01-Jan-2014

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King of Pop Michael Jackson passed away on 26th June after getting a massive heart attack. Michael Jackson was born on 29th august 1958 in Gary Indiana. He was having 9 brothers and sisters. His father used to call him by the name big nose.

At the age of 5 Michael Jackson entered into the Pop group of his brother the name of which was Jackson five. That time they used to play band and technorin. Slowly -slowly Michael Jackson became the centre of attraction and his band started becoming more and more popular. In 1969 at the age of 11 he released his first album by the name "I want you back."

This album gained lot of popularity and became number one. After that Michael Jackson's group released several hit albums like "ABC", "the love you save" and "I will be there."

In 1976 Michael Jackson released his solo album disco classic "off the wall". This album showed a record sale of 1 crore copies.

The album released in 1982 by the name "Thriller" created history. Michael Jackson showed it to the world that how marketing of Pop music is done.

During this time while doing the advertisement for Pepsi Michael's hairs caught fire and this incident became the other reason of record sale of his albums. In 1987 Jackson did the plastic surgery of his face and released one more album "Band" & more than 3 crore copies of this album were sold. After the success of this album Michael did his first solo Tour. In one of the 7 shows of Jackson in the Wembley of London Charles and Diana were also present.

Michael Jackson also wrote his autobiography in which he disclosed that he is one of the lonely men of this world. He also released Movie Walker film.

In 1974 he got married to Lisa Mary Pricley but both got separated after 19 months. In 1997 he was included in Rock and Role of fame. In the same year he got married to nurse Debi Rowe and became the father of her two children. In the year 1999 he got separated even from Debi. During this time his personal life became the centre of several controversies. Eleven year Jordy chandler's family accused Michael Jackson that he exploited their child sexually. Michael Jackson refuted this allegation but compromised with the family of Jordy outside court by paying 2 crore american dollars. He became the victim of few more similar accusations and was arrested also but according to the verdict of court he was innocent. During the rumors of his becoming bankrupt after these court cases he went to Dubai.

In the year 2009 Michael made this announcement that he shall be doing the show 50 and his last show shall be done in London. This show was scheduled to be done in the month of July but he passed away before that only.

Here is astrological analysis of his horoscope –

Jup : 12/08/1966
Sat : 22/02/1969
Mer : 31/05/1971
Ketu : 06/05/1972
Venus : 05/01/1975
Sun : 24/10/1975
Moon : 22/02/1977
Mars : 29/01/1978
Rahu : 24/06/1980

Sat : 27/06/1983
Mer : 06/03/1986
Ketu : 15/04/1987
Ven : 15/06/1990
Sun : 28/05/1991
Moon : 26/12/1992
Mars : 04/02/1994
Rahu : 11/12/1996
Jup : 24/06/1999
Mer : 20/11/2001
Ketu : 17/11/2002
Ven : 17/09/2005
Sun : 25/07/2006
Moon : 24/12/2007
Mars : 20/12/2008
Rahu : 10/07/2011
Jup : 14/10/2013
Sat : 24/06/2016


In Michael Jackson's horoscope 4th lord & 7th lord Jupiter is occupying 2nd house there by aspecting 10th house (Glory). Venus is the Lord of the sign occupied by Jupiter and is occupying 11th house. The Lord of house of public 4th house i.e Jupiter is also aspecting the lord of house of income (Moon) and 8th lord Mars (The Signification of Hidden talent, materialism and logic).

This analysis indicates that Jupiter is playing very significant role in his life as a result of this the major period of Jupiter which started at the age of 5 and continued till the age of 21 proved to be auspicious for Michael Jackson and brought lot of popularity success and wealth to him. The auspicious impact of 2nd lord, 9th lord, income lord and Jupiter brought unlimited wealth & prosperity in his life.

The Jupiter occupying house of speech in the house of Venus brought glory to him in the field of music and the impact of Kendra (centre) position of Jupiter and Venus from each after in the house of wealth & income resulted into great success, fame and wealth.

The major period of Saturn occupying 3rd house taught him to do lot of struggle in a disciplined manner because the significator of hard work (i,e Mars) is aspecting Saturn and his own house. In addition to that this Saturn is also the lord of the sign occupied by income lord as a result of which it (Saturn) became instrumental in facilitating unlimited inflow of money. In 1982 during the release of "thriller” the transit of exalted Saturn on the house of wealth and on natal Jupiter resulted into great success, big financial gain and glory.

In addition to that in November 1982 all planets i,e Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter & Saturn entered into his house of wealth on natal Jupiter in transit, because of which this album thriller created history

Mars in 8th house, Saturn in 3rd and Rahu in lagna made him over ambitious and the auspicious position of Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Sun & Mercury rendered artistic talent, blessings of Laxmi(goddess of wealth), rapid success & popularity.

According to savants of astrology if 10th lord and significator of 10th house are conjoined in 12th house in good position and are aspected by a benefic planet in that case the auspicious position of house of wealth, house of income & house of profession results into popularity and rapid success in full time public career and the same happened with Michael.

Rahu occupying his ascendant affected his mental position adversely. He used to change his decisions frequently because of this Rahu as lagna lord is also placed in 12th house. As a result of this he used to do something new in his each show. However Rahu positioned in vigro ascendant and the sign aquarius give excessive analytical tendency with stubborn temperament and these qualities resulted into eccentric nature of Jackson and this Rahu only became the root cause of his wrong decisions and abject mentality because of which he did the plastic surgery of his face and in the process brought harm to his face, hormonal system and body. He got his plastic surgery done 13 times.

Sun Mercury in 12th, Moon in 6th & Mars in 8th house & Rahu in lagna proved negative for his health & age and caused several skin diseases too.

The 8th house position of Mars pulled him into legal problems continuously but auspicious impact of Jupiter protected him always.

In Michael's chart all auspicious planets are placed in 8th, 2nd, 6th, & 12th houses where as only malefic planets are placed in centre (Kendra) and significator of longevity i.e Saturn is aspected by malefic Mars. All this resulted into loss of longevity and he finally passed away in the major period of Mercury, sub period of Rahu and the transit of mars on 8th house. Because of artistic genius in him he belongs to ages.

Abha Bansal

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