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Indian Astrology | 21-Apr-2023

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Vedic Astrology or Astrology (as popularly known today) is an ancient occult science that originated in Bharat (modern day India). It is based on the spiritual fact that we get the results of a portion of deeds/karmas  from our past lives in the current lifetime. Everyone carries a karmic baggage from which karmas unfold and affect every single domain of life in different ways depending on the nature of the underlying karmas.

Planets & Stars are the celestial bodies that become the medium of providing a person with the results of his/her past life karmas by literally shaping up various domains of his/her life.

A Horoscope is a blueprint of the planetary placements in the Zodiac Belt during the time of a person’s birth and is the primary tool that an astrologer uses to analyze & decode how various aspects of that person’s life are signified.

It is the time-tested sheer efficacy of Astrology that has always encouraged people to learn Astrology. 

Why Learn Astrology?

If one chooses to learn Astrology then he/she can become well-versed in the occult science that reveals vital information about a person’s future trajectory. Astrology makes it possible to know how certain domains of a person’s life are slated to pan out and how that person could make the best out of life by making informed decisions.

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Different Types of Astrology Courses

Astrology has been divided into various branches or sections that makes it easier to choose a specific Astrology course that would make the learning path and process more organized.

Some popular types of Astrology courses include:

  • Introductory Astrology Courses : These are prepared for & offered to beginners who want to start their journey onto the path of learning Astrology. They cover the basics and focus on the fundamental concepts of Astrology such as the origins of Astrology, planets & stars, signs etc.
  • Intermediate Astrology Courses: These are curated for those who have a basic understanding of Astrology and are looking to advance their knowledge of Astrology further.These courses cover more advanced topics, such as the houses of the horoscope, the aspects between planets, and predictive Astrology.
  • Advanced Astrology Courses: These courses are formulated for those who wish to start professionally practicing Astrology. These courses cover topics such as rectification, forecasting, and horary Astrology.

What You Can Expect to Learn

One can learn a plethora of skills pertaining to the occult science of Astrology by joining an Astrology course. Few of those skills or topics are:

The Origins/History of Astrology: When you enroll in an Astrology course, you immediately come to know about the origins or history of this ancient occult science and a brief introduction about the subsequent complementary sciences that emerged out of Astrology.

The Zodiac Signs and Planets: When you learn Astrology, you get to know about the planets & stars, the signs that comprise the Zodiac Belt, the attributes of all the planets & signs and what they signify. You would learn about applying these inputs onto horoscopes while performing astrological analysis. You will strive to derive meaningful predictions about various aspects of a person’s life.

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Astrological Charts: Astrological charts are of various types such as Natal Birth Chart (Horoscope), Chalit Chart, Navamsa Chart etc. These are the foundation or the very basis of the entire process of an astrological analysis. A student learns how to form a horoscope as well as decipher it with respect to various domains of a person’s life. All these charts are formed based on the birth details of a native.

Predictive Astrology: This serves the end or ultimate goal for which you learn Astrology in the first place which is- making tangible predictions about a domain or multiple domains of a person’s life. Afterall, a person enrolls in an Astrology course to decipher what the future holds for another person by analyzing his/her horoscope.

Relationship Astrology: This is the most sought after branch or segment of Astrology as it is used to analyze the horoscope with an aim to decipher how the planets are signifying the relationship aspect of a person’s life. This essentially forms the basis of evaluating the compatibility factor between two people when it comes to having a marital or love relationship.


Vedic Astrology or Astrology as well popularly call it today, is a phenomenal occult science that has helped humankind to make the most out of life with minimum friction, for thousands of years. It reveals how various areas or domains of a person’s life are ‘originally’ slated to pan out and how that person could use timely astrological guidance to make informed decisions in life.

Therefore, enroll in an Vedic Astrology course and learn Astrology to become empowered with a sacred science that has the potential of steering life towards unprecedented success & satisfaction!


Q.How do you become a certified astrologer?

A. By learning Astrology from a reputed institute or organization where Astrology is taught by instructors who are highly experienced subject matter experts.

Q. What are the courses for Astrology?

A. There are various courses for Astrology which are usually differentiated based on their levels of advancement in terms of concepts/syllabus.