Is it Fine to Buy Clothes in Shradh According to Astrology

Indian Astrology | 28-Feb-2024

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Most of us have heard of the Shradh period, which is a 15 days span and falls around September or October. As per Hindu customs and traditions, these 15 days of Shradh are considered inauspicious for any auspicious task. This period is dedicated to paying respect to departed ancestors and deceased elders of the family. Certain rituals are followed and restrictions observed in food habits, social functions and even buying assets during this period.

As per astrological and religious scriptures, buying new clothes during shradh days is to be avoided. It is believed that ancestors bestow their blessings for the clothing, vehicles and property bought by family members. Since the Shradh period is meant for remembering ancestors and offering prayers, any kind of new buying is prohibited. However, there are contrasting views from different schools of thought regarding whether shradh restrictions apply in today's busy life.


Reasons for Avoiding New Clothes Shopping in Shradh


As per sacred Hindu texts, there are three reasons why buying clothes during shradh is considered inauspicious:

  • During this period, it is customary to honor our ancestors. It is not recommended to indulge in shopping for oneself, as it may be seen as a selfish or materialistic act that neglects the memories of our departed loved ones.
  • Buying new apparel is associated with celebrations. Since shradh is observed by abstaining from merrymaking, introducing anything new is prohibited.
  • As per beliefs, souls of deceased family members wander during shradh. Providing them food and offerings brings peace to them. Focusing on worldly matters like shopping distracts from the purpose of shradh rituals.

However, many arguments have come up against entirely avoiding new clothes shopping in shradh in today's era. They question the relevance of age-old shradh beliefs when it comes to buying essential household items or clothes.


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Logical Reasons For Allowing Clothes Shopping in Shradh


  • Unavoidable necessity - For some people, buying clothes becomes unavoidable during shradh due to needs like replacing old clothes, change of weather, festivals falling after shradh etc. Their purpose is not celebration but fulfilling an essential requirement.
  • No mention in Vedas - The four Vedas which form the basis of Hinduism do not prohibit buying items for survival needs including clothing during shradh period. So the restriction is considered more of a superstition by some schools of thought.
  • Progress over regressive beliefs - With education and scientific temperament, more people are challenging and coming out of baseless old rituals now. They see nothing religious or logical in avoiding clothes shopping for their family during shradh or any other period.
  • No effect on ancestors or soul - A section of Hindus believe that remembering ancestors through prayers and carrying out death rituals sincerely is more than enough during shradh. Just buying essential household items will not affect the peace or memory of departed elders.
  • Not practical for all - For many households, postponing clothes shopping for 15 days during shradh poses difficulties in managing necessities. This becomes more difficult for poorer sections who buy clothes only when required and cannot stock in advance.

So the restrictions around clothes shopping during pitru paksha seem to be getting more flexible, especially when it comes to meeting survival needs.


Important Rituals Where New Clothes Are Allowed


While major shopping activities are still avoided, Hindus are allowed to buy new clothes for certain important rituals associated with shradh period:

  • Terahvi - The Terahvi is a death ritual observed on the 13th day following an individual's death. Family members of the deceased can wear new clothes during the Terahvi.
  • Pind Daan - This shradh ritual is about offering food, water and money in the name of ancestors. New clothes are permitted for pind daan which can fall during the shradh timeframe.

So for carrying out closing rituals, wearing and buying new clothes get exclusion from pitru paksha restrictions.


Views of Astrologers on Clothes Shopping in Shradh


As beliefs around shradh have evolved over decades, views of astrologers are also changing regarding clothes shopping:

  • Fundamentalists oppose - Orthodox schools of astrology continue to strongly oppose buying any item for self-use like clothes during shradh as an act signifying bad luck. They recommend postponing shopping plans by 15 days under all circumstances.
  • Conditional recommendation - Some astrologers approve clothes shopping to meet special needs like job change, travel, weather change or health reasons. But they advise fixing an auspicious date even within shradh.
  • Rational views - Practical astrologers argue that ancestors do not get happy or unhappy with such acts. They view clothing as a survival need which cannot be halted for long durations. Only extravagant shopping can be held back.

So it is no longer a complete NO from all astrologers when it comes to clothes shopping in shradh period. Buying for needs is allowed by liberal thoughts under current social structures.


What Religious Authorities Say on New Clothes in Shradh


The discourse around shradh restrictions has invoked mixed responses from learned religious authorities over the ages:

  • Orthodox schools - Hardcore followers of old scriptures strongly propagate avoiding any new clothes shopping and wearing during shradh out of respect to ancestors and age-old traditions.
  • Reformist stand - Progressive Hindu religious scholars have opined that traditions obstructing survival needs due to superstitious views need to be analysed in the modern era. Needs can't be halted for ancestral rituals.
  • Emphasis on pure intentions - Some religious heads advise focusing on praying sincerely instead of what one wears or buys. As long as shopping is done without celebratory mindset and wastage of money, it will not hurt religious sentiments.

A single consensus remains elusive from all schools of thoughts. But prioritizing basic needs during shradh over regressive beliefs is emerging as an acceptable viewpoint now.


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Significance of New Clothes in Hinduism


To understand shradh restrictions better, analyzing the role of new apparel as per Hinduism can give more perspective:

  • Associated with auspiciousness - In Hindu beliefs, wearing new garments symbolizes positivity, prosperity and good fortune. Religious ceremonies prescribe new clothes for the roles performed.
  • Part of rituals - Hindu culture has traditionally placed value on donning new attire during festivals, wedding rituals, tilak ceremony, childbirth and more as symbols for welcoming events.
  • Spiritual significance - As per some Hindu philosophical schools, subtle energies get attracted to new items including fabrics. Imposing restrictions stemmed from avoiding any interference with departed ancestral spirits during shradh.

However, the basis of such beliefs seems outdated to those arguing to prioritize needs over age-old restrictions around clothes shopping in shradh.


To Buy New Clothes in Shradh Period or Not


Weighing the logical reasons from different viewpoints, one can evaluate whether clothes shopping is recommended during the 15 shradh days:

Reasons to Avoid

  • Scriptures prohibit buying items for self-use in shradh
  • Negative symbolism towards ancestors
  • Risk of bad luck according to beliefs

Reasons Can Be Allowed

  • Shopping for survival needs can't be postponed for long
  • Regressive beliefs should not obstruct needs
  • Pure intentions matter more than what one wears

So a balanced approach would be to avoid elaborate shopping sprees in this period. But no one can halt basic clothing needs of a family for 15 days just due to mythical fears. Specific needs can definitely be met by fixing an auspicious date. Just being respectful and avoiding flamboyance while shopping is better than regressing one's mindset.

Focusing on the true purpose of remembering ancestors through prayers rather than policing food and clothes is what elders would approve as per today's practical lifestyle.

The debate between traditional schools and progressive thoughts will likely continue around shradh clothing restrictions. But rationality seems to be paving its way as per evolving mindsets. Avoiding new clothes may hold relevance for those who distinctly remember departed elders on these days. For other believers, avoiding wastage and being respectful while fulfilling essential survival needs may be a more logical approach.




In Hindu traditions, there are certain days when we remember our ancestors and make donations in their names. These days are called Shradh. Some people wonder if it's okay to buy new clothes on this day, and whether doing so would bring the anger of our ancestors upon us.