Introduction to Dowsing

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Dowsing is related to the study of unconscious mind. It provides vital information about the Present, Past and Future and auspicious suitability of an individual with the help of his/her photograph or physical presence without the need of a horoscope. It is divided into two parts.

  • The first part deals with the suitability guide lines. The suitability study of Dowsing enjoys cent percent authenticity. This covers a vast range of human activities such as-which profession work-area-house-individual-city-country-field of education- department-life partner or land business partner etc. will best suit an individual “What is the most suitable for me?”

  • The second part makes prediction regarding the most suitable undertaking marriage, child, transfer, service, business, progress, health, economic gains, settling abroad, settlement of a dispute or litigation. Prediction in Dowsing regarding these issues is highly accurate.

Generally a questioner wants to know about his/her career-economic matters-health- relationship. Dowsing provides immediate and the most suitable answers regarding these vital issues of life.

Pendulum is the chiefly used instrument in Dowsing. Some others use springed ‘Y’ or L shaped rod for the purpose. The fundamentals of Dowsing are uniform, though different ‘Dowsers’ develop special interest and specialization in different areas like geology, maps, astronomy, hydrology and human life etc. Though Dowsing is an ancient science, it got wide spread fame and practice during Hitler era.

The divine-man consulted in the southern India to find out underground water, is basically a Dowser. The fact of the matter is that Dowsing works as a reliable guide in matters relating to a vast range of issues concerning human life.