Interesting Information about Planets

Yashkaran Sharma | 17-Sep-2014

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Interesting Information about Planets


Planets Represents
Sun Soul
Moon Mind
Mars Power
Mercury Speech
Jupiter Knowledge
Venus Happiness
Saturn Sorrow

Celestial Council

Planets Council
Sun and Moon Royal couple
Mars Commander-in-chief
Mercury Prince
Jupiter and Venus Ministers
Saturn Servant

Results of Exalted Planets as per Lagna Chandrika

Planets Resultsl
Sun Arthi (Rich, Wealthy)
Moon Bhogi (Pleasure Seeking)
Mars Dhani (Wealthy, Well-to-do)
Mercury Neta (Leader)
Jupiter Mandaladhipati (Ruler of 12 Kingdoms)
Venus Nrip (King)
Saturn Charavarty Raja (Emperor)

Results of Planets as per Western Astrology

Planets Results
Sun Artist
Moon Writer
Mars Fighter
Mercury Businessman/Advocate/Doctor
Jupiter Leader
Venus Lover
Saturn Balance Wheel

Results of Planets Posited in Kendra as per Classical Authors

Planets Results of Planets
Sun Serves the King
Moon Business Minded
Mars Wrestler
Mercury Teacher
Jupiter Exceptionally Intelligent, Performs his task regularly
Venus Remains busy in conversation of laughter and pleasure
Saturn Servant of contemptible

Education Associated to Planets as per Classical Authors

Planets Education
Sun Rajvidya/Ayurveda (Administration/Medicine)
Moon Jyotisha (Astrology)
Mars Yudh Vidya (Army/War)
Mercury Ganit (Mathematics)
Jupiter Ved/Vedanta/Darshana (Spirituality)
Venus Sangeet (Music)
Saturn Vyapaar Vidya (Business)
Rahu Garudi Vidya
Ketu Tantra/Mantra

Thinking Line Associated with Planets

Planets Thinking Line
Sun Administration
Moon Imagination
Mars Practicality
Mercury Deep Thinking
Jupiter Philosophy
Venus Artistic Talent
Saturn Diplomacy
Rahu Materialism
Ketu Spirituality

Significations of Planets

Planets Significations
Sun Father, Soul, Government, Immunity
Moon Mother, Mind
Mars Brothers, Courage
Mercury Profession, Speech, Education
Jupiter Progeny, Wealth, Prosperity
Venus Marriage, material Comforts, Pleasures
Saturn Longevity, Sorrow, Delays
Rahu Maternal Relations
Ketu Paternal Relations

Meaning of Planets Simplified

Planets Meaning of Planets
Sun Supreme Light, God of Prophecy
Moon Shining, Impatience, Goddess of Hunt
Mars Unluckiness of Brides, Strength, God of War
Mercury Awakening, Clever, Wise, Messenger of God
Jupiter Teacher, Priest, Lord of Prayer or Devotion, Leader of Gods
Venus Clear, Pure, Brightness, Love, Sexual Desire, Fertility, Enthusiasm
Saturn God of Duty, Punishes the person who does not do his duty properly, Ruler of Titans

Two Groups of Friends

Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars & Ketu are friends. All these are enemies of the other group of friends.

Members of other group i.e. Rahu, Saturn, Venus & Mercury are also friendly to each other.