Indian Astrology Predicts The Best Way To Choose Your Profession

Future Point | 27-Jun-2019

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Choosing the right profession is not a cake walk because your whole life can be at risk if your choice is not correct. Sometimes, people are not clear about what they actually want and as a result, they end up taking the wrong decisions. They are always curious to know about their future and themselves. They always want to know what will they become and which is the best career option for them. Career Astrology is the best way to know the most suitable profession for you. It is totally prediction-based but gives you an idea about your future.

Astrological ways to choose your career:

Astrology is all about studying the planetary positions and knowing about the malefic and benefic houses and Nakshatras (Constellation). The native can also know about the career that he/she will opt for in the future through the Career Horoscope.

Some key points that are studied to know the suitable career options:

  • The 2nd, 6th and 10th house in the native’s horoscope tells everything about the income, profession, working hours, and further information related to the profession.
  • Placement of planets like Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn which are related to Education, Intellect, understanding level, etc.
  • The position of Planet Sun plays an important role in knowing that the native will have a bright and successful career or not.
  • Planet Saturn is known as a fair planet, as it gives you the results according to your amount of hard work. If you will work hard in your job then it will surely give you beneficial results and can also promote you to higher positions.
  • Planet Jupiter shows the amount of wealth an individual possesses. It also shows that whether an individual will opt for a respected career or not.
  • If native gets success in a field that is co-related with accountancy or statistics then the Mercury planet is behind that success.

Career and future prediction by date of birth by Indian Astrology:

The date of birth can reveal a lot about a person. The month in which a person is born reflects his/her zodiac signs and each zodiac sign possesses different traits. Therefore, according to the traits of each zodiac sign, respective jobs are suitable as per their signs.

  • Defense, police, army, and pharmacy are the most suitable fields for the people who belong to the zodiac sign of Aries.
  • The most suitable fields for the people who belong to the Gemini zodiac sign are fashion designing, beauticians, film industry, etc.
  • The people with Cancer zodiac sign can choose marine-related jobs as their profession.
  • The natives of Leo zodiac sign can be great teachers and wonderful lecturers.
  • The natives of Virgo zodiac signs should go for office work or for the accountancy department.
  • Law as a profession is the most suitable field for the people who belong to the zodiac sign of Libra.
  • The people with Scorpio zodiac sign should go for Pharmacy-related jobs.
  • The natives of Saggitarius zodiac sign can be wonderful teachers and lecturers.
  • Jobs that are related to the mining industry are the most suitable for the people who belong to the zodiac sign of Capricorn.
  • Most of the educationalists and philosophers belong to the Aquarius zodiac sign. Therefore, these are the most suitable career options for the people who belong to this zodiac sign.
  • The people with Pisces zodiac sign can choose marine-related jobs as their profession.

If one is willing to get a job in the government field then he/she can consult a professional astrologer for guidance and for sure remedies. If the 10th, 6th, and 11th house in a person’s horoscope are benefic then there are high chances that the person will get a government job in his/her life. Everyone wants a successful and luxurious life but this can only happen if the native will choose the same career opportunity that is suitable for him/her according to the astrology.

There are some key points which are always considered by an astrologer to know whether a person will achieve success in life or not:

  • The planets which influence the 10th house in the native’s horoscope.
  • The 10th house is the lord of strength and self-respect.
  • The planets that are transiting and their influence on other planets.
  • The planets that are aspecting the 10th house.
  • Planetary position in the navamsa chart.
  • The 10th house in astrology is the Karmasthana which, gives information about a person’s career and profession.

Choosing a career is a very important step in our life and if we want to build a successful personality among others then it is very important to choose a career which is consulted as per our horoscope or preferred by an expert astrologer.

The best-suited profession as per the Planetary Positions in your horoscope:

  • Moon: Moon is a very cool and calm planet. As a result, it brings jobs that are co-related with creativity and beauty. It includes jobs related to media, film industry, fashion designing, etc.
  • Sun: Planet Sun results in government jobs and those jobs which require leadership and management skills.
  • Mars: Mars is an aggressive and rough planet. This planet brings jobs that are related to construction, property dealing, merchandise, etc.
  • Mercury: Planet Mercury deals with calculations and analysis. Therefore, the most suitable jobs related to this planet are accountant, Charted Accountant, maths or accounts teacher, etc.
  • Jupiter: Planet Jupiter makes a person wise and enhances his/her intellect. Therefore, planet Jupiter can enhance the teaching skills of a person and can also make a person a good counselor or writer.
  • Venus: Planet Venus brings luxury, name, and fame. Jobs related to Planet Venus are fashion designing, modeling, acting, etc.
  • Saturn: Planet Saturn is a fair planet and the jobs that are co-related with this planet are stone-related jobs like manufacturing of textiles, labor work, etc.
  • Rahu and Ketu: These are the shadow planets, they can give the most beneficial results if they are posited in a benefic house but, they can also take everything from the native if they are posited in a malefic house. The jobs that are co-related with these planets are pharmaceuticals, import, and export of chemicals and drugs, etc.

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Choosing the right Profession is very important because you cannot give your best in a field that you are not passionate about. In case, you are having a doubt about which field to choose or you want someone to guide you then without any doubt you can Talk to an Astrologer or you can contact our panel of world famous astrologers. You can also figure out the most suitable career for you according to Kundli reading for Career.