Importance of Chi

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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‘Chi’ is spiritual power of a person. It is also called Sheng Chi. 'Chi' has a predominant role in Feng Shui. 'Chi' is an invisible energy that is found in all living and non-living objects. In non-living objects it gives a special shape to that object while in living creatures this energy is invisible.

Feng Shui maintains that destiny of a person is fixed by his birth but it can be altered by influence of 'Chi'.

Chi is of two types, Live Chi and Dead Chi. Live Chi is positive and beneficial while Dead Chi is negative and harmful.

Chi is universal energy residing in all living creatures. It can be generated by various methods. Water flowing at slow speed makes 'Chi' available in abundance. Due to this reason when we spend some time near a lake, river, pond or fountain, we feel energetic. Similarly air flowing at a slow speed brings 'Chi'. On the other hand heavy winds or storms take 'Chi' with them just as heavy rains takes various objects with it. As 'Chi' goes away, luck also goes.

Any job done with skill generates 'Chi'. Similarly when a good musician creates music or a good athlete displays his performance, Chi is generated. Nature produces Chi almost continuously, Beautiful surroundings such as majestic mountains and green plains generate Chi. An enthusiast of 17th century has described Chi as beautiful mountains, pure water, good sunshine, slow wind and light of dawn in sky, all these have Chi. Its company opens eyes, joy is felt in lying or sitting. The Chi is gathered in aromas. The light twinkles in the middle and there is splendour in every direction.

This Chi can rot due to inactivity. A polluted pond creates negative Chi that destroys lady luck. Therefore we should promote positive Chi as much as possible in our apartment for increase in life energy. Chi is life energy of living beings, good surroundings, motion of Sun, Moon, climate and human endeavour. In China, Chi energy is absorbed into body by clapping of hands and feet. When Chi becomes excessive, its inflow is stopped by acupuncture needles.

In China, unbalanced Chi is corrected by herbs. A heathy mind is refined by Yoga. Every brush stroke of a Chinese artist and wavy writing by calligrapher's pen are the result of correct technique of breathing and reaction of a trained mind.

The purpose of Feng Shui is to develop an environment where Chi may flow smoothly so that mental and physical fitness may be maintained. A house where Chi flows with ease and without any hindrance, its residents live in harmony and their life is serene. When Chi's flow is slow , problems crop up. An office where Chi flows unhindered, its employees are happy and helpful, all projects are completed in time and stress remains absent. Where Chi's flow remains stopped, harmony goes away and trade does not make progress. In China it is called 'Chi'', in Japan 'Ki' and in India it is known as energy.

A place where Chi of both types is absent, Sha is present. Shar is negative, harmful and evil.