How Does Astrology Reveal the Career Domain of a Person’s Life?

Akhil Pathak | 09-May-2023

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There is no denying the fact that hard work is paramount for carving out a rewarding career for yourself. However, success does not come with hard work that is not aimed at the fields, which are signified by positively placed planets in your horoscope. Remember, planets exert a phenomenal influence upon us that becomes a deciding factor in various endeavours of our life, especially our career. This is precisely the reason why a huge number of people are going for a Career Horoscope Report to channelize their focus, time & energy on the fields that are best poised to give them the best results in the career domain of their life.

Decoding Career Through Astrology

Astrology or more appropriately Vedic Astrology, is an ancient occult science that among many things, reveals how various aspects/domains of a persons life are slated to pan out as signified by the planets in that person’s horoscope. Once a person knows the probable future trajectory of his/her life, that person can make informed decisions that are in-line with the best possible path forward to ensure maximum success in life with minimum obstacles.

When it comes to the career domain of a natives life, Astrology proves to be of immense help. Astrology identifies the best possible fields or career avenues for an individual based on the planetary positioning in the horoscope of that individual. While there are so many permutations & combinations that are applied by an astrologer while decoding the career domain of a native from his/her horoscope, few of those are as follows:

The Ascendant or the 1st House: This is the house that signifies Self, Personality, Ego and Confidence. All these attributes shape up the innermost nature or inclinations of an individual which becomes the foremost criteria of identifying the best suited career field for him/her.

10th House: This is the house that signifies the Profession and Career of a person. Therefore, the state of this house vis-a-vis:

  • The sign that is present in this house
  • Placement of the Lord of this house
  • Planets aspecting this house
  • Planets aspecting the lord of this house

Specific House Combinations in Planets: Planets provide the result of the houses that they signify with respect to placement, ownership, conjunction and aspects. When it comes to career, there are various houses and the subsequent combinations that are formed and signified by planets. This decides what kind of results the planets would provide to a native at the time of their periods of operation (Dasha) in the natives life.

Combination of houses that promotes growth success in career is: 2, 6, 7, 10, 11.

Combination of houses that bring obstacles failures in the career domain of a native is: 6, 8, 12 and 5, 8, 12

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How to Identify the Favourable Field of Career?

The field or line of career that is best suited for a person in terms of attracting smooth success in the career domain of his/her life is identified by carefully analyzing the following:

Lord of the 10th House: The planet that rules the 10th house points out the career fields that are highly suited for a person. These are the career fields that hold the promising prospects for the person and he/she stands to benefit the most by focussing his/her time & energy in carving out a career in such avenues.

Placement of the 10th House Lord: The house in which the lord of the 10th house is placed also plays a significant role in determining the most suited career field for a person. 

Planet Ruling the Nakshatra of Moon: Moon represents our mind and thought process. Therefore, the planet that rules the Nakshatra of Moon significantly tunes our inclination towards the career fields that it signifies.

The Smart Way Ahead!

When it comes to your career which is the most crucial domain of your life, it is prudent that you seek the guidance from an experienced astrologer and chart a smart & rewarding course of action for yourself.

The Career Horoscope Report offered by “Indian Astrology” provides invaluable insights into the career domain of a native based on his/her personal horoscope. This comprehensive report is basically a highly useful guide that deciphers the state of your career as signified by the planets in your horoscope. It contains information that would help you to identify the most favourable career field for yourself as well as reveals key time periods that are slated to exert a significant impact on your career. It also contains carefully derived remedial measures that are specific to your horoscope and have the potential of propelling you towards a smooth career trajectory that is backed by ample growth & success.

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