How Astrology helps to choose the Perfect Higher Education?

Future Point | 19-Jun-2019

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Perfect Higher Education Prediction by Astrology: There is nothing more empowering than education in this world. Education is the very basis of whatever significant humankind has accomplished so far and what will be accomplished in the times to come as well. All marvels of this world are just a result of minds that were well bred through education. Without education, even ensuring our survival on the planet would be a serious challenge for us.

It is for this reason, so much importance is given to education in our lives. Parents always wish their children to excel in the academic domain, simply because that will bring success to the children when they foray into this world, independently. Now, while primary education lays the foundation of a child's learning process, but it is the higher education that gives direction to a child when it comes to carving out an eventual career for himself/herself after completing the education process.

Now, the burning question arises- "Which is the perfect line of higher education that would promise success to a student in his/her life ahead, in terms of a booming career?"

The Ultimate Answer

It is extremely important to pursue something that is poised to benefit you in the times to come rather than following the herd. No popular opinion or trend, will ensure you a truly rewarding academic life that would result in a lucrative career, post your higher education.

This is because trends keep changing along with technology and the business dynamics of the world are seen to be constantly evolving with time, hence, one must not base his/her higher education choice on hearsay. The celestial bodies in the form of planets have a phenomenal impact on various aspects of our lives.

The planets as per the sacred science of Vedic Astrology, provide us the results of our past karmas that can range back to many of our previous lifetimes. These karmic results given to us by planets, literally shape up our destiny but since we as humans are also given the power of free will, therefore, by acting smartly after knowing what the planets have in store for us, we can take charge of our destiny as well.

Our horoscope is a cosmic blueprint holding all the information about what the planets signify for multiple aspects of our lives and how we can make the best out of them. Education is no exception to that and it is the Education Horoscope of a person that holds the key to planning a successful higher education.

This specific kind of horoscope decodes the effects of planets on our Higher Education Prospects and how we can choose the best educational stream & specialization to reap maximum rewards in our life. It is also addresses to all Educational Concerns and offers Remedies to overcome all hurdles in the academic life.

Overseas Education & success in securing a job in a foreign land after that, are very common aspiration of students nowadays. However, students must first get their education horoscope analyzed to know whether such astrological combinations exist in their life or not. This is because, it is only prudent to know beforehand whether one has certain planetary positionings in the horoscope which are favourable for acquiring a successful education abroad before actually committing to such an expensive task.

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How to Identify the Best Line of Higher Education?

The most challenging task in front of a student is to identify or narrow down a particular line of higher education which he/she would like to pursue. Moreover, considering the wide gamut of choices which more often than not are quite confusing, it is very difficult to identify the educational path which is poised to benefit the most.

But an astrologer through a comprehensive analysis of a student's horoscope, finds out what the majority of planets as well as the specific planets in operation at the Vimshottari Dasha level, at the time of higher studies in the life of the student points out.

To take an example- Suppose the planets signify results of the 2nd, 9th & 11th houses without the 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses in majority, then the student should pursue higher education in commerce & accountancy. The logic behind this strategy is that the 2nd house represents commerce, the 9th house represents higher education and the 11th house represents gains.

Also, the reason why one must not have planets signifying the results of 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses in majority without positive houses of education, is that these houses are considered negative when it comes to education. Plus, their cumulative effects promote the chances of failures or hurdles in education and in some cases, even no inclination for education.

Hence, by decoding the results of planets in terms of what they signify for the education of a student as per their placements & aspects in the horoscope, an experienced astrologer can suggest a higher education that if pursued diligently, can do wonders in the upcoming life of the student.

Similarly, planets providing results of houses 3rd, 9th and 11th point towards studying journalism or mass communication. When it comes to engineering, houses 8th & 12th represent research and logical/analytical skills. Therefore, these houses combined with the 5th, 9th and 11th houses favour pursuing engineering. Houses that signify diseases along with positive houses for education, point towards the study of medicine as a favourable educational & career choice.

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Since there are so many favourable career choices possible based on what house combinations the planets in operation signify, it is best to consult with an astrologer for a proper & fruitful guidance. In this digital age, people prefer to talk to an astrologer online and get the necessary guidance.

We urge you to contact the highly experienced and brilliant astrologers of Indian Astrology to get your horoscope thoroughly analyzed and know the best course of action that you can take to steer your life towards maximum success & happiness. So rather than getting troubled by the question of "Who is the best astrologer near me?", consult with the highly able & professional astrological talent of Indian Astrology to get incredibly powerful astrological remedial measures for all your problems and become the designer of your own destiny!

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