How Astrology Can Influence Your Finance and Fortune?

Future Point | 20-Apr-2019

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We all live in a materialistic world where money dominates the quality of life and everyone is in the rat race of securing the largest financial pie for himself/herself! Now, with a cut-throat competition everywhere, it is crucial to have the 'Lady Luck' smiling at you if you want to succeed in the immense competition around.

So what determines the state of finances and fortune in our lives? The usual and most obvious things that come into our mind are hard work, dedication, good academic performance, a booming career etc.


Well then what about those who work genuinely hard right from an early age and put in their best efforts to every educational or career related task that they take up life and still eventually struggle to achieve success? It's confusing, because the same ingredients that we are taught to bring success in our lives, work for some people and does not work for the rest.

Why this disparity? If the hard work brings success, then it should be a consistent case, not a selective one!

Look around the most mesmerizing industry around you, that is the entertainment industry. Hundreds of thousands try diligently at getting a break in the industry to make a name for themselves. But despite being brilliant actors, most of them slowly vanish in the struggle and give up on their dreams.

Same goes for business. Do you think people who become bankrupt know the concepts of business any lesser than the one who succeed?

Absolutely not!

It is just that there is a certain higher force at play that decides the ultimate outcome for an event or endeavour of life.

If only a person gets to know what that higher force signify and how that person can make the best of use of that information, can he/she ensure maximum success & prosperity in life.

Yes we are talking about the subtle yet incredibly powerful influence of planets upon us which is revealed by the ancient & sacred science of Astrology.

Role of Astrology

It is Astrology that reveals the state of different planets and their effects on different houses of our Janam Kundli which ultimately decides the future trajectory of our life including what certain aspects of life such as finance, fortune, marriage, education, health, career etc. have in store for us.

Not only this, an experienced astrologer after carefully analyzing the horoscope or janam kundli of a native finds out the root planetary cause for the problems that the native is facing in life and recommends specific astrological remedies that have the potential of turning the wave of luck into the native's favour.

An astrologer also points out towards the career fields that are best poised to take the native to new heights of success with minimum friction as well as suggests remedies that actually nullify many problems that were otherwise slated to appear in the future.

So taking the help of astrology makes our efforts channelized and concentrated in a direction that is the most suitable for us.

Finance Astrology

There is no point in swimming against the tide and calling it hardwork as any work that does not yield efficiency is basically a waste of time. Finance Astrology is a dedicated branch of astrology that deals with the state of finances in the life of a person as signified by his/her Finance Horoscope.

It analyzes certain planets that are specifically affecting the financial state of a person.

In case of planets that are negative for finances, specific remedies are performed for pacifying their negative effects and at the same time measures are taken to enhance the strength of planets in the horoscope which are positively placed for monetary & wealth gains.

Houses that are analyzed to decode the state of finances are:

Ø 2nd House- Deals with accumulated wealth and bank balance.

Ø 6th House- Deals with job, enemies and competition.

Ø 7th House- Deals with business and partnership in business.

Ø 8th House- Deals with obstacles, inheritance and sudden gains or losses.

Ø 10th House- Deals with profession and name & fame.

Ø 11th House- Deals with Gains.

Ø 12th House- Deals with expenditures.

When it comes to assessing the state of Fortune or Luck in one's life, the 9th house of horoscope is analyzed.

A Finance Astrologer looks at the situation of these houses and based on that ascertains what could be the best approach for a native to move ahead for success.

Influence of malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn upon the career or profession of a person must be immediately dealt with otherwise more often than not, they ruin the prosperity factor in the person's life and create multiple obstacles & hurdles ahead on the path to success.

Solution with Conclusion

Do not leave things on destiny and stop exerting your time & energy in the wrong direction.

If you are dealing with financial challenges, then without further delay go for a Finance Astrology Consultation from the brilliant & highly experienced astrology experts of Future Point.

Future Point provides a Personalized Financial Report as well that reveals how the planets are shaping up your finances.

This amazing report also contains incredibly powerful remedies for you that have the potential of warding off all negative influences from your life and ensuring a strong and flourishing state of finance in your life ahead!