How and Why Celebrate today Nirjla Akadsi

Indian Astrology | 29-May-2015

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Each year, there are 24 Akadsian. More mass means the number 26 in the period are epact.

Jyesta month Sukl side Akadsi called the Nirjla Akadsi appearances.

This year it Akadsi May 29th, to Sukrwar is falling. In fact it Akadsi yesterday evening of Thursday, 5 pm to 7 pm of 29 May has started today and will continue until the past 09 minutes. It Akadsi fast from sunrise to sunrise the next day for a period of 24 Grnate considered.

Today it is kept fast drank no water, this is it stated Nirjla Akadsi. The Akadsi been considered a reference to the commencement of the Mahabharata, the Pandavas when the omniscient vedavyaas religion, meaning, work and the resolution of salvation made a vow that if the Bhima said to have lent you 24 Akadsion Snklp undergoing, So one day I could not even hungry. Grandfather diagnose the problem, saying that you keep the vow of Nirjla Akadsi called. It will receive the fruits of all lent Akadsion.

Since then lent it occupies a prominent position in Hinduism. Since then, came to be called the Akadsi also the Bimseni Akadsi. This day is recognized that the person being thirsty water Pilaaga blessed Khlaagalyh others lent spouses, male female any age could keep the creature. The day of worship of God Bisnu particular importance. How to keep the fast?

Wake up in the morning before Suryaeday Bisnu statue of God or the Panchamrita Shaligram ie milk, curd, ghee, Shd and Skkr Make bath or picture basil and fruit offered by lighting the flame in the adoration. Statue, offer new textiles. Or in the temple of God Bisnu to Drshn. Keep dry fast. Om Namo Bgwate Vasudeway: Chanting and water, clothing, umbrellas, pitcher, watermelon, fruit, etc. to donate Srbt is beneficial. Or donate materials to avoid heat. The next day the water, assuming the completion of the fast.

Today, in the current context of the importance and measure Nirjla Akadsi The fast current system in which water is expected to fall in the coming time, the emergency training of tolerance and gives you the ability to live without water in many emergency situations offers. Many of our troops are caught in such an emergency temperature of 48 degrees, if they do not drastic Trening they will not be able to protect the country. As such, it lent us the courage to deal with any surprise that provides emergency. In the heat of May-June only lent it takes your right and your physical ability test assesses whether you will find tomorrow facing water shortages.

In the modern era to avoid the heat and others to save themselves and to strengthen Pryavarn Nirjla Akadsi Pyau should take public places, water coolers spinning, the poor melons, fruits like watermelon let more water. Milk, buttermilk, ice cream, cold drinks, juices, etc. to public order in the summer months. Find fruit and shady chest. Avshykta where their capacity or funding to the community by collecting air Kandisnr, fans, coolers, etc. Donate.

It represents the culture of the country where the fasting states Forms Sukina satisfaction survey ... and Srbt da good. Welfare of the creatures of the universe to be goodwill. Weaker section of society does not remain helpless, all be happy, Be Healthy. Are dedication to each other in society, look forward to help one another. The water took on many occasions that the Sikh community Cbilen propels Indian Drshn and not only in India but also in Vishv Srbt represents the philosophy of Da pros. Celebrate festivals such as the collective even more important in the context of today's demanding and time. Let us persuade the Indians this fast and try to save water. If water is tomorrow's slogan is assurance of the Nirjla Akadsi.