Health issues as per Astrology & Solutions for All 12 Ascendant Signs

Indian Astrology | 17-Jul-2023

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Astrology is a vast subject that has intrigued humans for centuries. It offers insights into various aspects of life, including health. Many believe that the positions of celestial bodies at the time of birth can influence an individual's physical well-being. In this article, we will delve into the relationship between Astrology and health, examining general tendencies and specific health issues associated with different houses of a horoscope and the planet/s affecting them.


The 2nd House and Health


The 2nd house in Astrology is associated with the physical body and material possessions. It can provide insights into health issues related to the throat, neck, and teeth. Individuals with afflictions in the 2nd house may be more prone to throat infections, and dental problems.


The 6th House and Health


The 6th house of the Janam Kundli or natal horoscope signifies disease, litigation, job, competition and loan, to name a few. When analyzing health matters, the 6th house can indicate issues related to the immune system, digestion, allergies, and infections. Individuals with a strong 6th house influence may have a higher susceptibility to allergies, chronic illnesses, and infections.


The 8th House and Health


Associated with death, transformation, and regeneration, the 8th house plays a significant role in health matters. It can indicate health issues related to the reproductive system, the spine, and the hips. Individuals with afflictions in the 8th house might be more prone to reproductive disorders, spinal issues, and hip-related problems.


The 12th House and Health


The 12th house is linked to the subconscious mind, intuitions, and self-undoing. In terms of health, this house can indicate issues related to the nervous system, the feet, and the lymphatic system. Individuals with an afflicted 12th house may experience conditions such as anxiety disorders, foot-related ailments, and lymphatic system imbalances.


Specific Health Issues and Planetary Influences


While the houses provide a general overview, specific health issues can also be associated with different planets in Astrology. Let's explore some of these connections:

Sun: The Sun is associated with the head, brain, eyes, heart, and blood circulation. Natives who have an ill-positioned Sun in their horoscopes are more prone to having health issues associated with the organs or functionalities mentioned above.

Moon: The Moon is linked to the stomach, breasts, chest, and emotions. Health issues such as digestive problems and mood disorders can be connected to lunar influences.

Mercury: Mercury governs the arms, hands, lungs, and nervous system. People with prominent Mercury placements may face health challenges related to these body parts.

Venus: Venus rules over the throat, throat glands, face, cheeks, and urinary system. Additionally, a weak Venus can contribute to issues such as impotence and ovarian cysts.

Mars: Mars influences the legs, bones, muscles, teeth, and overall physical strength. Individuals with Mars-related health concerns may experience conditions like joint pain, arthritis, and gastric problems.

Jupiter: Jupiter is associated with the liver and hips. Those with Jupiter-related health issues may be more prone to liver disorders and hip-related ailments.

Saturn: Saturn governs the skin, hair, bones, teeth, knees, and long-term health issues. People with Saturn afflictions may experience conditions such as chronic skin disorders and dental problems.

Rahu: Rahu is a malefic planet that creates ‘diagnostic confusion’. When placed unfavourably in a person’s horoscope, this planet affects the nervous system in a very negative way as well as causes high levels of stress & anxiety.

Ketu: Ketu rules over the abdomen, mysterious diseases, physical weakness, and stomach pain. It creates delays in recovery and makes a person lose hope of recovery.


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Now, we will explore the common health concerns for each of the 12 ascendant signs and provide some solutions to mitigate these issues.

  • Aries

Health Issues: Head, face, brain, eyes, and upper respiratory system.

Solutions: Aries individuals should prioritize adequate sleep, maintain a healthy diet, and engage in regular exercise. People having an Aries ascendant must quit smoking at once and should strictly avoid consuming alcohol.

  • Taurus

Health Issues: Neck, throat, thyroid, and upper back.

Solutions: Taurus individuals can also benefit from practicing yoga and engaging in activities that promote throat health, such as singing or chanting OM. Avoiding dairy products and processed foods is advisable.

  • Gemini

Health Issues: Respiratory system, nervous system and upper limbs.

Solutions: Geminis should ensure they get sufficient rest and consume a balanced diet. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol is crucial for maintaining a healthy nervous system. Regular exercise, particularly cardiovascular activities, can promote lung health.

  • Cancer

Health Issues: Stomach, breasts, chest, and digestive system.

Solutions: Cancer individuals should focus on consuming a healthy diet rich in nutrients. Avoiding processed foods and incorporating regular exercise into their routine is beneficial. Remember, stress, anxiety or depression impacts the digestive system in a negative way. Therefore, stay happy!

  • Leo

Health Issues: Heart, spine, back, and blood circulation.

Solutions: Regular exercise plays a vital role in keeping the heart and blood circulation in optimal condition. Leo individuals should prioritize a healthy diet and ensure they get sufficient sleep. Stay away from alcoholic drinks and smoking.

  • Virgo

Health Issues: Intestines, colon, and nervous system.

Solutions: A healthy diet, regular exercise, and stress management are key for Virgos to maintain a healthy intestinal and nervous system. Strike a healthy work-life balance and ensure an optimum sleep and recovery for the smooth functioning of the body & mind.

  • Libra

Health Issues: Kidneys, lower back, and skin.

Solutions: People having a Libra ascendant should be conscious about consuming an adequate amount of water. They must not put a lot of stress on their lower back and be very careful while exercising. They must remain active in their day to day life as being lazy will invite ailments.

  • Scorpio

Health Issues: Genitals, reproductive system, and bladder.

Solutions: Scorpios must avoid stress & anxiety as it could affect their reproductive system in a very negative way. They must incorporate a healthy & balanced diet in their lives and should follow an exercise routine that is conducive to their body type and work schedule.

  • Sagittarius

Health Issues: Hips, thighs, liver, and thighs.

Solutions: Regular exercise, including activities that target the hips and thighs, is beneficial for Sagittarius individuals. A healthy diet and sufficient sleep are also important for liver health

  • Capricorn

Health Issues: Knees, bones, teeth, and skin.

Solutions: Capricorns should prioritize regular exercise to support healthy knees and bones. A well-balanced diet and sufficient sleep contribute to overall health, including teeth and skin.

  • Aquarius

Health Issues: Ankles, calves, circulatory system, and immune system.

Solutions: Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and sufficient sleep are vital for Aquarius individuals to maintain healthy ankles and calves. Prioritizing a well-functioning circulatory and immune system is also important.

  • Pisces

Health Issues: Feet, lymphatic system, and emotions.

Solutions: Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and sufficient sleep contribute to overall well-being for Pisces individuals. Say no to junk foods and keep yourself in a positive state of mind. Remember, what you eat and what you think, essentially decides your overall health & wellbeing.




Understanding the potential health issues associated with Astrology signs can provide individuals with insights into their well-being. By adopting healthy lifestyle practices such as maintaining a balanced diet, engaging in regular exercise, and managing stress, individuals can take proactive steps towards enhancing their overall health and vitality.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. Is Astrology a reliable indicator of health issues?

Astrology can provide highly useful insights into potential health concerns based on an individual's ascendant sign. Consulting with an experienced astrologer always results in getting the best astrological guidance to ensure sound health.

  1. Can Astrology predict specific diseases or ailments?

Astrology provides a broader perspective on health tendencies rather than predicting specific diseases or ailments. It offers insights into potential areas of vulnerability based on astrological associations.

  1. Are there any alternative therapies or practices that can complement Astrology-based health solutions?

Alternative therapies such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, or energy healing can be explored as complementary approaches to support overall well-being.

  1. Can Astrology help prevent health issues?

Astrology can serve as a guiding tool to raise awareness about potential health concerns. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, individuals can take preventive measures and promote their well-being based on their astrological tendencies.