Forgotten System of Natural Dasa

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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The only planet that revolves earth alone is the Moon and it becomes the satellite of the earth. Thus the direct influence of the Moon governs the Human mind. On this reason vedic mantras in Navagraha Shuktha for the Moon say

Aspyaayaswa Samethuthe Vishwathas soma vrishneeeyam

means that the planet moon governs and fills the affection and love of all the living beings of the Universe. The moods of the human being are suspectable to get changed from minute to minute as the moon also having its two phases of waxing and warning. This fact is usually seen in the proverb of Kshanachitta and Kshanapitta while criticizing a particular person. On this reason only in Jayadhi Homa manthras it is rightly mentioned as chitthancha swahaa and chitthichcha swahaa, manascha swaha etc. The meaning is “Let me maintain my concentration to get the fruits of the result with the best maintenance of the mind from the oscillation.

Considering these valuable dictums Venerable Varahamihira in his Brihat Jataka Chapter VIII Stanza 9 explains a common dasa system “Naisargika Dasa” not identical with any birth star. This is applicable to one and all whether one is having horoscope or not. Natural or Naisargika Dasa is detailed in chart:

The first dasa is allotted for the Moon, the Matri karaka or significator of the mother, who rares the child with her breast milk. Thus the child is under the direct control of the mother at the initial stage.

The next dasa of Mars is for healthy flow of blood in the body. Similarly the Mercury in the next order governs the central nervous system and Intelligence. The rank of Venus from 13 years to 32 years is centpercent correct in as much as the planet Venus is called as “Sarva shastra pravakthaaram” means the ruler of all arts and sciences. Thus with in the age of 32 years of this Venusian period one should have completed his education, entered into wedlock and beget children.

Planet ruling No of years Age group

Natural dasa

The next rank of Jupiter from 33 years to 50 years expands everything of the nativity including the fulfillment of desires of the children as puthra karaka. Next the Sun being karaka or ruler of the soul takes up the dasa from 51 to 70 years by churning the Soul to attain the knowledge of Soul in order to pave the way for final emancipation. On this reason the Hindu religious ceremony of sashtiabdhapoorthi on completion of 60th year and Bheemaratha shanthi at the completion of 70th year of a man is governed under the natural dasa of the Sun ruling the 51 to 70 th year of age.

Lastly the sluggish Saturn a significator of span of life rules the 71 to ‘120 years to impart the great knowledge of Atma vidhya churned in the sun’s Dasa for the benefit of the universe.

Now in my humble experience I have seen that people who are running simultaneously the same Dasa in the above Nisargika method and also in the Vimsottari Dasa system are seen with doubly redoubled benefits . This is possible for some blessed natives alone as explained below :

1. The natives born in Rohini- Hastam- Sravana are likely to have Moon Dasa in both the system upto 1 year of age.

2. Even in this Rohini-Hastha-Sravana group , the last constellation with a feeble balance Dasa of Moon with 1 year and less are also eligible to run with mars Dasa upto 3 years in the both system.

3. Persons born in Pushyami-Anuradha-Uttarabhadra with a balance of 3 years of Saturn dasa are also lucky to run with Mercury dasa upto 12 years in Natural Dasa also.

4. Those who are born in Mercury’s star., Aslesha-Jyeshta-Revathi in the 2nd constellation are also eligible to run Mercury dasa upto 12 years in both system.

5. This apart the same Aslesha – Jyeshta-Revathi born natives with a balance of mercury dasa of 5 years will complete Ketu Dasa at their 12th year and fortunately run with Venus Dasa upto 32 year in both system.

6. Similarly Aswini-Makha-Moola born natives are also have the same benefit of Venus Dasa from 13th year onwards but not upto 32nd year . However proportional benefits are there.

7. So also Bharani-Pubba-Poorvashada 1st pada natives with a balance of 19 years will have the benefit of Baala Sukra from 13th year to 19th year . Here also proportional benefit of 2 dasas are seen even if they born in Venus’s star. However for the People of 3rd and 4th pada the benefit of simultaneous Dasa of Venus from 12th year is not seen.

8. Again persons born in Moon’s star Rohini-Hasta-Sravana are further lucky to operate Jupiter Dasa in both system from 33 years onwards.

9. Persons born in Punarvasu-Visaka-Poorvabhadra with 4th pada will have proportional period of Sun’s Dasa in the fringe of 70th year.

10. Also natives born in Saturn’s star Pushyami-Anuradha-Uttarabhadra will have Sun’s Dasa in 70th year of age in both system.

11. Survival beyond 70th year is vested with Saturn for another 50 years. This is possible for the natives born in stars of Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus only.

It is my earnest appeal to the savants and research oriented people of Astrology to consider this forgotten dictum and share their experience for the benefit of arriving appreciable value of accuracy in predictions.