Foreign Education Consultants for Your Child – what you need to know.

Future Point | 06-Oct-2018

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Education has been the roots of Indian culture since Vedic times. As, the era advanced with time moved the pattern of education also saw a sea change. This has brought many opportunities to light and at the same time much confusion in the minds of students. Further, the opportunities are not just restricted to India alone, but opened even abroad. Therefore, the dilemma and confusion are even more and even increasing. This leads to the question, what should one pursue?

In such a situation, the natural corollary is the consult someone? Some times more than one person. This is true when a child or their parents aspire their children to pursue education abroad. But then the question is whom and who? No doubt there are many options to this, as there is not dearth of foreign education consultants of sometimes known as Study abroad consultants. in the country. But, an education consultant can only provide the features of the study and other regulations regarding education. Beyond which, they would hardly, be in a position to provide details.

Hence even today, one would see that parents do take an opinion from an expert and learnt astrologers. These expert astrologers not only advice on foreign education, but also help the native understand the stream of specialisation to them. These experts are even known as Foreign education in Astrology. Here the expert astrologers would examine the horoscope of the concerned individuals, whose future prospects are studied in great detail.

How does Astrologers help these natives?

Usually an expert and learnt astrologers would examine the horoscope of the student to analyse the possibility of Foreign education. Here, the higher education astrology, which means, the houses in the horoscope or kundali of the student should indicate a possibility to travel abroad and pursue education. This is done though the examination of the 4th house (school level education), 5th house (Post graduation) related education and finally the 9th house (Doctorate or Foreign land higher education). Again, sometimes even the 12th house (for loan for higher studies and then settlement in a foreign land). If these combination of houses do provide vital lead to a learnt astrologer, then they would guide the native accordingly.

In fact, the consultation does not stop here. The leant astrologer would also suggest the field of specialisation and its prospects accordingly. This is done by examining the position of some important planets such as: Venus, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Sun, Moon and Jupiter. Though not all the above mentioned planets would be active simultaneously, however, even a few combination of the above would give a good clue to the astrologer. Accordingly, they would advise the native as to which area should then pursue. Thus, these are some of the areas where even today, astrology enjoys an upper hand. In fact, no other medium of consultation can be so accurate like the scientific field of astrology.

Timing of Foreign travel for education?

This is again a very important aspect of astrology which recognizes its importance. It is only the beauty of astrology which not only directs a native to purpose the accurate field of study, but also suggest the time range to pursue the same. This is reckoned by using the transit details along the Main and Sub-period in the horoscope of the native. Thus, the believe in astrology is ever growing and shall never reduce as no other medium of science is so much detail oriented.

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