Diseases of Kidney in Astrological Perspective

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Dr. S.C. Kursija

The number of kidney diseases has increased now a days. Due to modern style of living and lack of exercise common man is suffering from diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, failure of kidney and obesity etc. He is taking excess drugs to get relief from them. The excess drugs and allopathic drugs have side effects. He is suffering from kidney troubles which end in failure of kidney or need transplantation of kidney.

The kidney is ruled by 7th house and 7th lord. Any affliction to 7th house or 7th lord causes kidney troubles. Jupiter and Moon are the karaka of kidney disease. Venus is karaka of the 7th house and Libra sign rules the 7th house of natural zodiac. The Libra sign is ruled by Chitra, Swati and Vishakha nakshtra. The Chitra III and IV pada rule the ureter of the kidney and bladder. If the lord of these nakshtra, Mars, Rahu, and Jupiter respectively are afflicted, the native suffers from kidney troubles. If there is influence of Saturn on sign of Venus, nakshtra of Jupiter on the 7th house, the native needs transplantation of kidney. If Mars or Saturn has astrological relations with Rahu, the chronic diseases are caused.

Libra sign rules over kidney, loin, uterus, lumber region, vertebrae, prostate, and pineal gland.

If Libra is afflicted the native suffers from backache, pain in urinary track, venereal disease, The sign Virgo is 12th to Libra, so indicates loss of functions of kidney.

When malefic Jupiter and afflicted Moon influences the 7th lord and 7th house, the diseases of kidney surfaced to the native.

When the above house and lord and karakas are influenced by 6th house or 6th lord or any disease producing other house such as 8th or 12th by association or aspect or placement, the diseases connected kidney or pelvic occur.

A weak or afflicted Moon is always bad for kidney. The conjoining of Moon with Mars indicates operation.

Saturn is exalted in Libra sign. Therefore he also rules the kidney diseases and any affliction to Libra, 7th house or 7th lord etc by Saturn gives rise to diseases concerning kidney and pelvic.

When afflicted Mars or Mercury are related to the above karakas give rise to the diseases of kidney and pelvic, such as ulceration, abscess or tumour etc.

Sign Virgo indicates liver, large intestines, anus and kidney. If afflicted causes liver troubles such as jaundice, the large intestine troubles such as constipation, hernia, anus troubles such as piles, fissure, fistulae, kidney troubles such as blood urea, suppression of urine etc.

Sun in Libra is debilitated and causes various troubles of kidney such as nephritis.

Moon in Libra may cause edema of the body due to malfunctioning of kidney.

Mars in Libra may cause inflammation of kidney or bleeding from kidney.

Mercury in Libra may cause kidney trouble due to nervous problems and skin trouble due to kidney troubles.

Jupiter in Libra may cause deposits of cholesterol in kidney tubules, so excess cholesterols in blood or excess sugar in blood.

Venus in Libra may cause suppression of urine and uremia.

Saturn in Libra may cause hardening of kidney or tubules of kidney and creates poor filtration of blood, resulting uremia or increase in cretenine or urea or retention of urine, stones in kidney. The functions of kidney are sluggish.

It is the basic rule of the astrology that any planet posited in 10th house has influence on lagna. (Amala Yoga) The due consideration should be given to the strength of the planet and its association or aspect of the yoga forming planet. More over we should not forget the principle of Aragla The planet in 2nd, 4th or 11th house from a planet form Aragla on the planet.

Dasha : We follow the dasha of Vimshottari in general.

  1. The maha dasha and antar dash of planets enemy to the lagna give diseases or troubles such as for Leo or Cancer lagna dasha of Saturn and antar dasha of Venus that are enemy to lagna lord, produce trouble or disease.

  2. 2nd and 7th houses are Maraka houses. The dasha and antar dasha of the lords of these houses give disease. These lords should be weak or afflicted or have links with 6th, 8th or 12th house. If Jupiter or Venus are the lord of kendra and posited in 2nd or 7th house, gives death like troubles

  3. The dasha of lords of 2nd, 7th, (Maraka), 6th, 8th, and 12th (trik houses), lords of badhaka houses and planets posited in 4th house and afflicted give disease during his antar dasha.

  4. If the dasha of a planet posited in lagna and is debilitated or afflicted and antar dasha of a planet having links with 6th lord give disease and other sorrow. Suppose Capricorn is the lagna and Jupiter is posited in lagna. The maha dasha of Jupiter and antar dasha of 6th lord or any planet posited in 6th will give disease. It may cause trouble to mind or mental diseases or kidney diseases.

  5. In Vimshottari dasha, maha dasha nath gives its result during the antar dasha nath that is sahdharmi or sambandhi planet.

  6. If the antar dasha nath is posited in 6th, 8th or 12th from the maha dasha nath, it gives malefic results.

  7. If two natural malefic planets are conjoined with the lagna lord or 8th lord though benefic planet, during the dasha and antar dasha of those planet, there will be disease.

Let us examine the above rules in some charts.

Case 1

He was patient of diabetes mellitus. His kidney started creating problem in Saturn/Jupiter dasha in 29-9-2000. His wife donated kidney. The lagna is occupied by the lagna lord Sun, 6th lord Saturn, and 10th and 3rd lord Venus. The 7th house is occupied by the 8th lord Jupiter which is retrograde. The Jupiter is also the dispositor of Rahu. The Moon is conjoined by Mars in Libra sign in 3rd house. All the factors such as Libra sign, 7th lord, 7th house and karaka Venus, Moon and Jupiter are afflicted. So the native have to under go for kidney transplantation.

The 4th as lagna, Venus is 7th and 12th lord and posited in lagna. So the wife donated kidney to the native.

The dasha of 7th lord Saturn and 8th lord Jupiter was running They made the native to under go for surgery.

The lagna is strong as lagna lord is posited in lagna. The antar dasha nath Jupiter is friend of the lagna lord and aspecting lagna, lagna lord and Venus (his wife). It saved his life and wife from sorrow.

Case 2

The lagna is Leo occupied by Ketu and Mars. The Libra sign is aspected by debilitated Saturn the 6th lord and Gulika. The 7th lord is debilitated and aspected by Mars, and 7th house is occupied by Rahu. The Moon has no planet on either sides and aspected by Ketu. Jupiter and Venus are aspected by Rahu. Therefore all the factors for kidney are afflicted.

His mother donated kidney. 4th as lagna, Moon, mother, 12th lord is posited in trine to lagna, and in the house of accumulation 2nd from 4th and is friend of lagna lord. The lagna lord is posited in 2nd the maraka and aspected by debilitated and 6th lord Saturn.

Case 3

The native is running Mercury/Venus dasha. The doctors have advised transplantation of kidney. The malefic lagna lord Mars is posited in lagna aspected by Rahu from 5th with Saturn 3rd and 4th lord and Venus the 12th lord. For fixed lagna 3rd lord is badhaka. Therefore Saturn is badhaka lord and aspected by 2nd lord Jupiter, retrograde with Ketu and Gulika. The Libra sign is 12th house and hemmed in between malefic Mars and Jupiter. The dasha running is Mercury, 8th lord and 7th lord, Venus. In transit Saturn is posited in Leo, aspecting 7th house with Mars aspecting lagna. Jupiter is posited in 2nd The transit in not favourable.

Case 4

The native studied in foreign country. The 9th lord Moon, 5th from 5th, posted in 12th and 7th lord, foreign, posited in 2nd and 4th lord Saturn aspecting 12th, and 4th house is afflicted, sent him foreign for studies. He developed kidney problem and mother donated kidney and operated in August 1998 during Saturn/ Mercury/ Rahu

Lagna is occupied by lagna lord Mars and 2nd lord, maraka, Jupiter. 7th and 12th lord, malefic planet being lord of kendra and 12th, Venus is posited in 2nd, maraka. Libra sign is occupied by Moon in Swati nakshtra in 12th house. Therefore all the factors for kidney are afflicted.

His mother donated her kidney as Moon is posited in 12th house and in nakshtra of Swati.

In navamsha chart Cancer is the lagna and occupied by 12th lord Mercury and lagna lord is posited in 8th. The 7th house is occupied by exalted Mars. Libra sign is occupied by Rahu, Jupiter, and Saturn. Venus is debilitated. Therefore all factors are afflicted.

Case 5

The lagna lord Moon is posited in 8th and aspected by Saturn in enemy sign. The 7th house is occupied by debilitated, retrograde Jupiter. The 7th lord is also the lord of 8th house and posited in 2nd maraka house, aspected by Mars and Rahu. The Libra sign is occupied by the Ketu and aspected by the Saturn from 2nd. Therefore all the factors are afflicted.

In navamsha chart, the lagna lord is Saturn as well 12th lord, 7th hose is aspected by Rahu conjoin with Mars. Libra sign is occupied by Ketu. Venus and Jupiter are aspected by Saturn, the 12th and lagna lord. There is no improvement in the planets.

His mother donated kidney as Moon being lagna lord is posited in 8th and aspected by 8th lord Saturn. In navamsha Moon is posited in trine to lagna and conjoined with 12th lord.

From the above discussion and examining the practical chart, it appears correct that when Moon, Jupiter and Venus, 7th house and 7th lord and Libra sign are afflicted, one suffers from kidney troubles.