Decode Failure & Success from an Astrological Point of View

Indian Astrology | 22-Sep-2020

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In this highly materialistic world that is driven by blind desire & cut throat competition everywhere, it is perfectly natural to get mesmerized by the idea of success and be afraid of failure. 

But seldom do people realize that Failure & Success are the two sides of the same coin called life. 

So, why is success so rare and failure is a scary phenomenon that gets frequently repeated in one’s life?

Well, first of all let us understand that failure is actually incredibly important for success!

Now, the obvious question that would pop up in your mind would be “Why is failure important for success?”

This is simply because only if you fail, you would actually start looking & striving in the right direction to attain success in your life. Remember, a success achieved without going through the pains & agony of failure is often taken for granted by an individual and hence such a success actually vanishes as quickly as it came into the life of that individual.

Allright, but actually decides Failure & Success in our life? Is it hard work?

Well, if you have had a couple of failures in your life then you must have known by now that in order to succeed, one needs much more than mere hard work which by the way is very needed in life as well.

However, there is much more beyond hard work that becomes the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to whether we would succeed in our endeavours in life or not.

The Ancient & Divine Science of Astrology

Astrology is a phenomenal science that deciphers the state of planets in a person’s Horoscope Chart and reveals what they have in store for various aspects of a person’s life.

It is the planets that cast their subtle yet at the same time, incredibly strong effects upon us as per their positioning in our horoscopes which becomes the deciding factor when it comes to determining the ultimate results of our actions in life. In other words, it is the planets that have the last word when it comes to Failure & Success in our lives.

But why do the planets have such a powerful effect upon us humans?

Simply because it is the planets that hold our Karmic Account and as per the Cosmic Law are responsible for giving us the results of our past karmas in specific domains of our lives and that too at specific times in our lives!

Hence, without having the celestial support of planets on our side, achieving success in any endeavour of life is just a pipe dream. We know it sounds brutal but that’s how life functions!

Planets that are favourably placed in our horoscope, provide us their support and ‘propel’ us towards success in the respective domains of our lives that are representing as per their placement in our horoscope.

Similarly, planets that are negatively placed in our horoscope create repeated obstacles & hurdles in the domains that they govern as per their positioning in our horoscope.

So, what should a person do to know what different planets are signifying for variou domains of his/her life?

Simple! Talk to Astrologer to get your personal horoscope thoroughly analyzed and know what the celestial bodies have in store for you.

Now, if you are wondering “What would I gain after knowing how different planets are placed in my horoscope and what are they signifying for various aspects of my life? 

Well, wouldn't it be highly useful while taking crucial decisions in life if you know beforehand the will of a planet that is governing an aspect of your life? Moreover, if you come to know in advance what a planet is signifying for a particular aspect of your life, you could actually make smart choices in life that would help you to avoid the hurdles that were originally slated to appear in your path.

In order to nullify or pacify the negative effects of ill placed planets in our horoscope which are poised to create problems in our lives, Astrology has a ‘Concept of Remedies’.

These astrological remedies are highly powerful & result oriented as they directly address the root planetary issue that is responsible for the problems that a native is facing or is about to face in future with respect to any domain/s of his/her life e.g. education, career, finance, health, property, marriage, childbirth etc.

How does an Astrologer Evaluate the Life of a Person?

An Astrologer while analyzing the horoscope of a person looks at multiple factors. There are so many astrological permutations & combinations involved in deciphering the horoscope of a person that it is simply not possible to describe them all.

However, on a generalized basis when it comes to determining Failure & Success in the life of a native, an Astrologer looks at the following sign and houses of the native’s horoscope with respect to the planets affecting them by means of their placement, ownership or aspects:

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Ascendant Sign

This is the sign that describes the overall personality of a native and helps in determining the ‘real & innermost’ nature of the native which helps a lot in deciding the natives strengths & weaknesses.

2nd House

This is the house that deals with Family, Accumulated Wealth, Bank Balance and Speech of the native among other things. Hence, it is important that the native must have a strong 2nd house in the horoscope.

3rd House

This house signifies Courage, Short Travels, Neighbours and Communication Skills. Therefore, the condition of this house plays a key role in ascertaining how the native will fare society at large as well as in various domains of his/her life.

6th House

This house signifies Enemies, Competitions, Litigations, Job and Ailments. Hence, it plays a vital role in charting the course of one’s life.

7th House

It is the primary house of Spouse or Life Partner as well as deals with Business and Partnership. So, the role of the 7th house obviously becomes very significant in shaping up a native’s life.

9th House

It deals with Fortune & Foreign Travels therefore, it must be very strong in the horoscope of a native to achieve success in life.

10th House

It is the Primary house of Career, Profession, Name, Fame, Power and Position in life. So, this goes without saying that one must have a very strong strong 10th house to succeed in life.

11th House

Last but not the least, this is the house that signifies Gains and Realization of Desires. Hence, a strong 11th house in the horoscope of a person means a smooth journey towards success in life.

So, if you are really serious about knowing how the planets are placed in your horoscope and what plans do they have for your destiny, then simply contact Future Point to consult with the Best Astrologer that you can ever come across and get incredible astrological guidance & remedies to achieve unforeseen growth, success & prosperity in your life!

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