Basic Principles to Determine Profession and Income

Indian Astrology | 01-Jan-2014

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This is very important to find out all the ways and means by which a man earns his money and livelihood. Take the Lagna or the Moon at birth and see who occupies tenth house from it. If the Sun is in the 10th house the person inherits paternal property, if the Moon is there, he gets money through the mother, if Mars occupies it, he procures wealth through his enemy, if Mercury joins the tenth, he gets money through friends, if Jupiter is found there, the person has wealth through brothers, if Venus is in the 10th, then money comes through women, and if Saturn occupies it, servants fetch him money.

Some astrologers say that the most powerful among the two must be found out and then the source of wealth predicted from the planet who occupies the 10th from it. Suppose there are two or more planets in the 10th from Lagna or Chandra or from both, then money flows in through those channels which are ascribed to the planets in their Dasas and Antardasas. If there is no planet in the 10th house from Lagna or Chandra, take the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 10th from Lagna, Moon and Sun, and ascribe the acquisition of wealth to such methods or processes which are controlled by that planet.

If the lord of the Navamsa is the Sun, the person makes money by scented articles, gold, wool and medicines. He may be a medical man himself or may be an attendant or nurse upon patients. If lord of the navamsa of 10th lord is the Moon, he gets money by dealing in corals, pearls, shells, agricultural products and dependence upon women. If Mars owns that navamsa, he will make money by minerals, ores, or compounds, by weapons of various kinds, by fire in being engaged in fireworks, kitchens, engine driving or wherever there is work connected with fire and by rash adventures or speculations and venturesome deeds or such actions, in which physical strength and courage is utilized.

If Mercury becomes the lord of that Navamsa, the person becomes a writer, mechanic, painter, sculptor, engraver, poet, mathematician, architect or scent maker.

When Jupiter becomes the lord of that Navamsa the person gets money through Brahmins, priests, educated classes, temples and charities, mining operations and manufacturers, sacrifices, discipleship and pilgrimage. When Shukra becomes the lord of that navamsa he gets money by gems, metals, cows and buffaloes. When he is Saturn the man earns money by labour, such as travelling and carrying, by being an executioner or hangman, and such mean travels which are against the traditions of his family.

Planets give wealth similar to the houses they occupy. Take those lords in the 10th from lagna or chandra and find out in what house he is. If the house he occupies is his own he gets money in his house. If it is his friend's then he gets money through friends. If he occupies unfriendly houses, then he makes money through his enemies. If he happens to be Sun, and is in his exaltation and is otherwise powerful the person acquires wealth by self exertions. If all the benefic planets are powerful and occupy the lagna, 2nd and 11th houses, the person will make money by various means. Such a person will succeed in any business he undertakes, however divergent it may be from his original work. If there are no planets in the 10th house, find out where the lord of the 10th from Sun, or Moon or Lagna is situated in the navamsa and if he is in a friendly or inimical sign predict as above. To the above must be added the fact of the Sun being exalted, i.e., in Aries, to make the man acquire wealth by self-exertion.

According to one classical author if Jupiter occupies 10th house from Janmalagna the native attains glory by involving himself in the activities of public welfare. Similarly if Saturn occupies 10th house, the native gets reputation and recognition by working for the poor people.

For making more accurate analysis we can also analyse that which planets occupy or aspect 10th house from Karkamsha lagna and Arudha lagna.

According to Rishi Gemini when the 10th house from Karkamsha is occupied or aspected by benefic planets other than Mercury, the native is firm minded or the native becomes either a priest or one who settles the disputes of other people.

If the 10th house from Karkamsha is aspected by only Jupiter and Sun, the person will be a cowherd (Dairying, or dealing in milk products.

Note :- The term Agriculturist and cow herd can cover a lot more than it did in the older days because these areas have become specialised with time.

If there are two malefics in the 6th house from Karkamsha lagna the person is an agriculturist.

If Jupiter is the ninth from karkamsha the person is an agriculturist.

If Sun and Venus aspect the Karkamsha the person is in government service, or has connections in the government.

If 10th house from Karkamsha is occupied or aspected by Mercury the person will be in government service.

If Saturn is in the Karkamsha lagna the person will make a living through a famous occupation. (This is a combination for fame).

If Ketu is in the K.L and is aspected by only Venus then the person is a priest.

If the K.L. is aspected by Mercury, Moon and Venus and if second lord is in the 7th house then the person is a doctor.

If K.L is occupied by Sun and Rahu and they are associated with benefic and malefic planets then the person will be a doctor or vaidya who is expert in poison cure.

If K.L is aspected by Venus and Moon the person is an alchemist (one who deals with chemicals)

For rapid growth in one's career it is essential to have powerful planetary combinations for the acquisition of wealth in his/her horoscope (Janmakundli). Here we shall give few important combinations.

If lord of 2nd house, lord of 11th house and lord of 1st house are together in any Kendra and one of these three are exalted in that case a person succeeds to make unlimited wealth in his life.

If Lagna lord is placed in lagna native gets the blessings of Goddess Laxmi throughout his life.

If auspicious planets are there in 2nd house and Jupiter is exalted.

If all the auspicious planets occupy all 4 kendras of horoscope.

If 2nd lord, 9th lord and 11th lord all are in kendras.

If ascendant sign is Aries and Jupiter is in 11th house and Sun in 5th house.

If lord of 2nd house is exalted and several planets are there in 2nd house.

If lord of 1st house is in 2nd and the lord of 2nd house is in 1st house.

If Lagna lord, 2nd lord, 9th lord and 11th lord all are exalted.

If ascendant sign is Aries or Scorpio and Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are in first house.

If ascendant sign is Sagittarius or Pisces, Jupiter, Moon and Mars are in Lagna.

If Rahu, Venus, Mars and Saturn all are in Virgo.

If 2nd lord is powerful and Jupiter, Moon and Sun are placed in 5th, 9th and 3rd house.

If Mars is in its own sign or in exaltation and occupies any kendra.

If all planets are there in 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th and 11th houses.

Different professions signified by different planets in modern context are as follows -

The Sun is the significator of Administration, Government and profession relating to medicine.

The Moon signifies profession related to hospitality and public relations.

Mars signifies the armed forces, police, entrepreneurship.

Mercury signifies finance, structural designing, writing and Astrology.

Jupiter signifies education, legal profession, consultants, spirituality related profession and financial management.

Venus signifies TV and film industry, life saving drugs, financial advisor, music, dealing in luxurious items.

Saturn signifies industries, service, dealing with labour, industrial workers and leadership for politician.

Birth chart only indicate the professional field of the native, the timing of rise in profession is indicated by Dasha of planets operating during a particular period.

Number of factors are associated with determining the professional field of a native and timing for events for rise in profession. The 10th house is the most important house for profession, however due importance is to be given to 9th house being the house of luck and 2nd house being the house of status. While analysing the house of profession of the native, we should assess 10th hose alongwith 9th, 11th and 2nd houses.

Dashmamsa is the concerned divisional chart for the profession. The strength of 10th lord in Dashmamsa (D-10) chart i.e D-10 and position and strength of lagna lord of D-10 should be given equal importance. While analysing the profession, otherwise the results can be misleading.

Dasha parameters for determining timing of rise in profession -

  1. Dasha of 10th lord of Birth chart.

  2. Dasha of the dispositor of 10th lord.

  3. Dasha of Lagna lord of Dashmamsha.

  4.  Dasha of a planet occupying or aspecting 10th house of Dashmamsa or birth chart.

  5. Dasha of a planet who is exalted in Dashmamsa.

  6. Dasha of planets aspecting 10th houe, 10th lord, planets conjoined with 10th lord and planets placed in 10th house. Planets aspecting or conjoined with dispositor of 10th lord.

  7. Dasha of 7th lord.

Transit parameters- Jupiter and Saturn must make a contact by way of conjunction or aspect with the two conditions out of four mentioned below :

  1. 10th house

  2. 10th lord

  3. 7th house

  4. 7th lord from lagna or Moon.