Maximum Band Baja and Baraat

Madan Gupta "Sapatu" | 19-Feb-2015

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While the Raj Path of New Delhi will witness the Republic Day Parade with bands and dances, soldiers marching and saluting but the roads of Tri city will also be flooded with Bridegrooms marching on horses, ponies and chariots ultimately the residents be ready to face traffic jams on these dates.

The maximum number of ceremonies will take place on January 25 and 26 because of Sunday and public holiday respectively. The number 8 is the key number in many aspects particularly because it is a dominant number in 2015. First the sum of 2015 is 8 secondly, if the entire date 26-1-2015 is added, the sum comes out to be 8. Moreover, January 26 will be an historic day for India when Barack Obama will be our guest and the same will make the wedding event more memorable. Thirdly, the year 2015 is associated with the planet Saturn. Those who have been born on the dates 8,17, and 26 or having ascendant as number 8 which signifies Saturn in their horoscope or are Scorpion as per Sun sign all eligible bachelors are likely to be married this year. Another factor for auspiciousness of January 26 will be that Panchaks will be over coupled with Sidhi Yog besides existence of Aarogya Saptmi which ensures a good and comfortable marriage bond.

Even in the new Samvat 2072, commencing on Navratra March 21, the King and Mantri of the year will be Saturn. Therefore, all natives having Saturn as their key planet will remain more lucky with regard to marriages and other pending issues of life.

To count the number of marriages on these two special occasions, it may exceed 300 in the tricity. Calculation for Muhurats is perennial for astrological fraternity. In the current year,only myself have advised these two auspicious dates 24 th and 26th January.

Vasant Panchmi is considered to be most auspicious day as far as Muhurat for marriage which falls on January 24. It is astrological phenomenon that any function initiated on this day is everlasting and is accomplished without hassle.

January 26 will be Dry Day in the country so merrymakers specially liquor lovers will find it hard to celebrate with drinks.

In astrological jargon, Vasant Panchmi[Jan24], Akshya Treetiya[April 21] and Dussehra[Oct22] are evergreen muhurats for marriage where one needs not consult asy astrologer for auspicious timings.

The reason for the rush is astrological besides, weather and holidays.The Pundits, marriage planners, decorators, marriage palaces , photographers, band masters , horse walas besides other concerned have no time to talk during this weeak.

Do not worry if you are not getting the Muhurat as per Panchang. The Abhijeet Muhurat which falls 24 minutes before the mid day and remains till 24 minutes after the mid day, is also considered to be equally good muhurat for tying the nuptial knot. The Sunday adds to its Sabbath [holy]characteristic in making the event more stable,comfortable everlasting which a wedding requires.

That is why in our country, many communities ceremonise on Sundays at mid noon not because of Holiday but due to Holy Day.

For the information of our readers following are the days and periods when astrologically there are no Marriage Muhurats in 2015.

Till January 14, the position of Sun being in Saggitarious was not auspicious, so no wedding took place.

Holashtak % 26 Feb to March 5

Chaitra Month % March 14 to April 13

Adhik Maas of Aashadh : June 17 to july 16

Venus Combust : Aug 5 to 22

Jupiter Combust: August 12 to September 10

Leo Navanshak : September 14 to September 30

Shraddhs: September 27 to October 12

Bhisham Panchak : November 21 to 25

There would be in all 81 Muhurats for marriages in 2015 and you can avoid the above and select the dates from below -

January: 21,25,26,29,30 - Total days 5

Feb : 8,10,14,15,16,,21,22- Total days 7

March: 7,8,9,10- Total days4

April: 19,21,22,23,27,28,29,30- Total days 8

May: 2,3,7,8,9,10,11,12,19,20,24,25,27,28,30,31- Total days 16

June: 3,5,6,7,11,12,13-Total days 7

July: 20,21,23,24,25,30,31-Total days 7

August: 1st; Total days- 1

Sept: No Muhurat. Total days-NIL

OCT: 14,18,20,21,23,25,29,30,31- Total days 9

Nov: 4,5,14,17,18,19,23,24,26,27- Total days10

Dec: 4,5,7,8,12,13,14-Total days 7