Avoid Sha

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Chi can be good as well as bad. The negative Chi is generated by angles. It is called Sha Chi. Poisonous arrows or sharp angles centered around main door of the house or the road coming to main door of house form sha.

Sharp corners of the building surrounding your house shoot poisonous arrows towards any object coming in their path. These corners should not be visible to you. However if these are visible, corrections should be made so that these are not seen by you. For example, a pakua mirror may be hanged so that sha is rebounded back.

Feng Shui Has Remedy For Everything

If the sharp corner is not visible there is no need of worry, otherwise remedial measures are required.


  • Hang a curtain.

  • A tree may be grown between two houses.

  • Hang a Pakua mirror. Mirror will reflect back the sha coming towards you. It must be remembered that the mirror must remain clean for smooth flow of Chi.