Art of Prediction -3 (timing of event on the basis of dasha and transit)

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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To time the events in ones life, we use Dasha and transits. Dasha tells which planet is affecting the native at a particular time, whereas transit tells us which natal planet is vibrating because of the transiting planet. A combined result of Dasha and transit gives us the behavior of the native at a particular time.

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We continue with the example cited in the last article : Date of Birth 13 :12: 1956, Time of Birth 23 :10 at Delhi. Lagna Kundli is as given.

The native has the following Dashas :Balance of Dasha : Ketu 3 years 11 months 2 days Age

Art Of Prediction

.......Ketu upto 15:11:1960 4 yrs.

.......Venus upto 15:11:1980 24 "

.......Sun upto 15:11:1986 30 "

.......Moon upto 15 :11:1996 40 "

.......Mars upto 15:11:2003 47 "

.......Rahu upto 15:11:2018 65 "

.......Jup upto 15:11:2034 81 "

Dasha in the very childhood basically affects health of the native and parents. During teenage it affects education, in youth it affects mind, job and family and in old age it again affects health and the children or the caretaker.

As we see the native went through Dasha of Ketu upto age of 4. Ketu is in the house of Venus in Kendra in the house representing father. Hence it gave good health to native and progress to father.

After the age of 4 upto age of 24 native went through Dasha of Venus. This was the age when studies were important. Venus is in its own house in the house of writing. It also represents artistic nature. the house of education, that is 4th house, has Sun, Saturn and Rahu placed there. Rahu and Saturn have the nature of making the native introvert and thoughtful. Saturn gives interest in science.

Mercury in 5th makes native calculative. So the period of Venus gave good education while making the interest of the native in science and mathematics.

From the age of 24 to the age of 30 native underwent Dasha of Sun for 6 years. Sun in this horoscope is Lagnesh in 4th house. This gave him start of his own business and gave a lot of name and fame at the young age of 24 to 30. Moon which is lord of 12th is sitting in the house of luck. It brought forward a great luck. He became quite successful in his business and started an industry.

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Moon is followed by Mars from the age of 40 to 47. Though Mars is yogakaraka but is placed in 8th house. It gave a big set back and the industry was closed down.

Rahu, which is in debilitation but in Kendra in 4th house is expected to give good results; somewhat similar to the period of Sun. Rahu can give health problem.

Jupiter being 5th lord in 2nd house its Dasha will start only at the age of 62, but it may be best period of the life of the native. He may lead a serene life in this Dasha.

Transit : To study the transit, let us consider only Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu. other planets move fast. Sun, Mercury and Venus rotate once every year. Mars takes two years to complete one cycle and Moon takes only a month. Ketu is always opposite to Rahu. So for a full life description of the transit, only three planets are sufficient. Saturn takes 30 years to complete one cycle, Rahu 18 years and Jupiter 12 years.

Similarly we consider the effect of these slow moving planets over these planets only. Transit gives significant results with respect to Moon. When Saturn crosses over Moon, we call it Sade sati. Sade sati normally gives lots of tension invariably. It gives progress or loss, depending upon the sign in which moon is. similarly Saturn crossing over 8th house from Moon also gives tension and losses.

In this case Jupiter crossed over Rahu/Saturn at the age of 2, 14, 26, 38, 50, 62 etc. Saturn crossed over Jupiter at 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 and over Rahu/Saturn at the age of 30 and 60. Rahu crossed over Rahu/Sat at the age of 18, 36, 54, So if we put this age wise it is as per the table.

If we look at the transits we invariably find Jupiter transiting over 4th house over Rahu and Saturn, has given a change of residence or has given a new property. Since Saturn is 7th lord, transit of Jupiter over 7th house gave marriage and Saturn over Rahu or Saturn gave break in business partnership.

Native went through sade sati of Saturn in 1968 and then in 1996. During the first one it gave a drop in academic results and in 2nd it gave loss in business. Saturn crossed over 8th house from Moon at the age of 30 in 1985-1988, when it gave break in partnership twice and brought the income to the rock bottom level. It also gave bad health to mother and loss of life of one of the close relatives.

In a nut shell transits seem to be showing their results very effectively; even more than Dasha. Major transits bring major changes in the life of the native. Transit of Saturn from Moon is very important. Jupiter and Rahu give equal results from lagna, as well as Moon. If we superimpose the result of Dasha over that of the transit we can predict better.

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