Analysing a horoscope through Shashtimsha Chart, Panchanga Dosha and Awastha of Planet

Raju Gupta | 04-Nov-2014

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Shashtimsha Chart is among the finest division to study in Vedic astrology. As calculations can be done precisely so to getting a wide view of life is wasteful of astro techniques . Rather going in for praising the use of D-60 verbally , I am presenting a model to test it for yourself. Ask your astrologer to draw you D-60 chart and give predictions accordingly. Its time to move on and leave the wider view of D-1 Chart. Go for precious D-60 chart and get accurate forecasting.


In D-60 chart do not use arudha lagna or arudhas as this chat is realty and no illusion.

For example during a wedding ceremony its starts raining , then every guest is targeted to get protection from rain but bride and groom are the most important one. D-60 holds that importance in Vedic astrology.

It is important to mention here that Mangalik effect , Maha dasha , Saturns dahiyas and every other aspect of chart should be looked from D-60 chart and its moon . If this moon sign is also same in D-9 chart then result will 100% fructify. For example chart of the native used here , the native is passing through Venus MD and Venus AD , with 4th laghu kalyankari dhiya of Saturn calculated from moon of D-60 chart.

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Before going to predict the results of various planets through D-60 chart and the profession applicable of various planets as per D-60 deities , first look at the panchang or the wide energies present at the time of birth of native.

Panchang Details :- 19th August 1970 ; Time of Birth 11:06 AM (+5:30 GMT) ; Place :- 80E21’00 ; 26N28’00 .

Panchang Dosha present at the time of natives birth :-

Dagdha yoga/Mritu yoga :- Vedic day Wednesday and 3rd tithi ;

Tithi Shoonya Rashis,Dagdha Rashis or burnt Rashis :- TriteeyaTithi -Simha and Makara

Masa Soonya Nakshatra :- Shatbhisha and Revati.No planets in these nakshatras.

Tithi Soonya Nakshatra:- Tritiya all three Uttara(Uttara - ashada, phalguni, bhadrapada).

Masa Soonya Rashis :- Virgo

Now from the table given below we can find the planets and houses having dosha :-

Body Longitude (in D-60 (Trd)) Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa
Lagna 23 Sg 40’ 30.62" PSha 4 Sg Sc
Sun - AmK 24 Sg 02’ 31.22" PSha 4 Sg Sc
Moon - MK 5 Cn 17’ 18.15" Push 1 Cn Le
Mars - GK 2 Cp 31’ 36.98" USha 2 Cp Cp
Mercury - PiK 4 Cn 39’ 00.95" Push 1 Cn Le
Jupiter - PK 3 Sg 42’ 15.01" Mool 2 Sg Ta
Venus - DK 1 Vi 18’ 26.76" UPha 2 Vi Cp
Saturn - AK 27 Cp 04’ 30.51" Dhan 2 Cp Vi
Rahu - BK 9 Vi 44’ 42.38" UPha 4 Vi Pi
Ketu 9 Pi 44’ 42.38" UBha 2 Pi Vi

Tithi Shoonya Rashis lords :-

Sun the lord of Leo the 9th lord placed in lagna and Saturn the lord of Capricorn the 2nd house placed in 2nd house.

As Sun is 6th from moon so dosha get cancelled but 9th house get destroyed so we had to look at karaka of 9th house for result of 9th house . Sun and Jupiter are karaka for the 9th house and there position will further tell about the 9th house result. Further AmK , BK and PK also influence 9th house matters , so they has to looked upon.

Now Saturn dosha also get cancelled because it is with natural malefic Mars and in its nakshatra and Mars being a natural malefic will give benefic results due to placement in Dagdha Rashis.

Tithi Soonya Nakshatra:- Mars,Venus,Rahu and Ketu are in Uttra nakshatras. So here Mars,Rahu,Ketu being natural benefic will give good results where as Venus will give bad results.

Masa Soonya Rashis :- Rahu and Venus are placed in Virgo so again Rahu will give good results and Venus will give bad results.

So based on the panchang dosha Venus is the most malefic planet for this horoscope so matters related to relationship , business partnership , Spouse (as Venus is DK in D-60) will suffer . So Adhi Devta Sachi and Pratyadi Devta Indra has to be worshipped . Further Mars is also 12th lord and GK so it will bring in diseases , competition etc. So Mars is also some what malefic so worshipping of Lord Hanuman or Chetrapal devta is also advised.

Now after determining the mood of planets we should look at in what profession these planets are pushing the native. This can be seen by the amasa ruler deties. Please look at both the amasa rule in odd and even flow. Here you can get the idea in which profession you can go and what success you can get as per you dasa from D-60 moon. Below is the result of amasa ruler of various planets for the native :-

Here native should avoid profession indicated by Venus and Mars below as they are malefic for the chart.


56. Ati Shitala Amsa :- Shubha Amsa ’Yajika" Those who perform Yagnas; Priests & Yagniks of any religion or tradition. 5. Yakshamsa :- Traders of Elephants/vehicles: (Trucks); Plotters; Cheats; Diplomats; Ambassadors; strategic minded.


56. Ati Shitala Amsa :- Shubha Amsa ’Yajika" Those who perform Yagnas; Priests & Yagniks of any religion or tradition. 5. Yakshamsa :- Traders of Elephants/vehicles: (Trucks); Plotters;Cheats; Diplomats;Ambassadors; strategic minded.


6. Kinnaramsa :- Lipilekhana Tatparaha" Those Indulge in all sorts of writing; writers poets, new journalists; typists; stenos & clerks etc. 55. Krura Amsa :- KsheeradI Vikrayi" Those in production and trading in relation to Milk, meat and soft drinks and milk products / confectionaries/ / Hoteliers Coffee/ Teal Milk houses etc.


6O. lndu Rekha :- Shubhamsa "phali" Those who trade in Pearls and precious articles Fishermen; Owners of orchards or gardens.


46. Komala Amsa :- Shubha Amsa" Adhikari " : (Mudranadhikari) ; Those IAS, ICS, IPS and others Senior rank person elin Govt/Civil Administration/Local bodies/Co-op bodies/ Autonomous bodies / public sector ( Govt controlled units) etc.

15. Kala Amsa :- Papamsa

Vasanadhipa,Gamblers / Betters ; Drunkards; sudden fortune mongers; Race goers; Bookies; Stock brokers; and windfall mongers; all types of speculators etc.


24. Maheshwara Amsa :- Shubhamsha Gramanam Adhikarakruta " Those landlords, heads of villages/ towns; Jamindars; Elected local Admn. heads as Municipalities/Co-op bodies etc. 57. Sudha Amsa Shubha Amsa :- "Panditaha"; A scholar; A learned person well versed in Shastras; Professors / Lecturers / Acharyas/gurus in different fields.


58. Payodhi Amsa :- Shubha Amsa "Adhyaksha" lns p e c t o r s / P r e s i dents/SuPerintendents/Chairmen Principals of Institutions. 3. Devamsa :- Those who impart science of Para/Apara vidyas purohits etc.


2O. Komala Amsa :- Shubhamsha "lata Pushpa Phala Yikrayi" /Yaidyaha"All those dealing in fruits/Dry fruits/ Vegitables /llerbal Medicines /Neutropathy/tlomeo pathy / Doctors /tlakims / Phakirs / Veg. Vendors/All Production/Trading units in Food/ confe ctionary related items; All physicians of Allopathy/Unani. 41. Kulanasaamsa Papa Amsa " Vanik ’ ; Those travel stay on other places for trading/ business purposes; (Doora Desa Vyaparasthulu) Dealers of import/ export goods; Travelling business men / Representatives / in and abroad in journeys.


2O. Komala Amsa :- Shubhamsha "lata Pushpa Phala Yikrayi" /Yaidyaha"All those dealing in fruits/Dry fruits/ Vegitables /llerbal Medicines /Neutropathy/tlomeo pathy / Doctors /tlakims / Phakirs / Veg. Vendors/All Production/Trading units in Food/ confe ctionary related items; All physicians of Allopathy/Unani. 41. Kulanasaamsa Papa Amsa " Vanik ’ ; Those travel stay on other places for trading/ business purposes; ( Doora Desa Vyaparasthulu ) Dealers of import/ export goods; Travelling business men / Representatives / in and abroad in journeys.

Now after determining the profession indicated by various planets its time to see the Sayanadi wastha ( activity and state of planet )and there intensity (strength).

If an auspicious planet is in good state and intensity then it will give auspicious result , if in low intensity then vedic remedies to mark up the intensity of planet will be suggested. If Planet is inauspicious and in high intensity then vedic remedies to pacify the planet will be suggested and if planet is inauspicious and in low intensity or auspicious planet in high intensity then no vedic remedies are required.

This is calculated as follows :-

[{Star number of the Planet(Starting from Ashwani) X Planet Number(Starting from Sun) X Navamsa Number } + Moon Star Number + Running Ghati at birth(convert sunrise time to birth time in minutes and divide by 24) + lagna number] / (divide this for each planet by 12) 12. The reminder will give Sayanadi awastha of planet. If reminder is 0 then it means 12 .

To get the intensity of the planet multiply the awastha of planet by itself and add value of 1st syllable on native name and divide it by 12 . If reminder is 0 than take it as 12.

To the reminder add for different planets as described below :-

( For Sun=5, Moon, Mars=2, Mercury, Venus, Saturn=3, Rahu, Ketu=4 and Jupiter=5) and further divide by 3. The reminder if 0 means no intensity , 1 means half intensity and 2 means full intensity.

Syllable of name should be as mention below :-

  • 1 for अ,क,छ,ड,घ,भ and व
  • 2 for इ,ख,ज,द,न,भ and श
  • 3 for उ,ग,झ,त,प,य and ष
  • 4 for ए,घ,ट,थ,फ,र and म
  • 5 for ओ,च,ठ,द,ब,ल and ह

All these calculations are for D-60 chart .

For Example Sun is in Poorva Ashada Nakshatra the 20th nakshatra, Scorpio Navamsa the 8th navmasa of Dhanus , Planet number for Sun is 1 , Moon is in Pushya the 8th Nakshatra , birth time is 11:06 AM and Sun Rise time is 05:46 AM so 13.30 Ghati or 14th ghati running and lagna number is 9th the Dhanus. 20 X 1 X 8 = 160 + 8 + 14 + 9 = 191 / 12 = reminder 11 so Kauthuka .

Similarly for Moon=3 Netrapani ; Mars = 10 Nrityalipsa ; Mercury = 11 Kauthuka ; Jupiter = 5 Gamana ; Venus = 7 Sabha ; Saturn = 4 Prakasana ; Rahu = 7 Sabha ; Ketu = 1 Sayana .

Now intensity calculation for Sun. (11 X 11 X 4 )/12 = reminder 4.

( 4 + 5) / 3 = 0 means no capacity to give result.

Similarly Moon = 2 Full ; Mars = 0 Nil ; Mercury = 1 Medium ; Jupiter = 0 Nil ;

Venus = 1 , Medium ; Saturn = 1 Medium ; Rahu = 2 Full ; Ketu = 0 Nil.

Sun = 11 Kauthuka , Sun = 0 Nil :- Will always be happy, will be endowed with Vedic Knowledge and will perform Yagyas, will move amidst kings, have fear from enemies, will be charming-faced and be endowed with knowledge of poetry.

So applying the result of panchanga viz.. that Sun is auspicious and lord of 9th house ; D-60 amasa lord result that native will be of diplomatic mindset or dealer of big cars and vehicles or perform vedic pooja and awastha being of getting knowledge and moving among kings , the native can easily go for this profession by strengthening the SUN as Sun has 0 or little intensity. Similarly this can be interpretated for other planets and conclusion can be drawn.

Moon=3 Netrapani , Moon = 2 Full :- Will be troubled by great diseases (long lasting in nature), be very garrulous, wicked and will indulge in bad deeds.

Similarly if native wants to do profession of moon he can go for but it will bring diseases along with as it is in full intensity.

Mars = 10 Nrityalipsa , Mars = 0 Nil :- The native will earn wealth through the king and will be endowed with fullness of gold, diamonds and corals in his house. Should Mangal be in Nritya Lips and happens to be in Lagna, Dhan, Yuvati, or Karma, the native will receive all kinds of happiness; there will be miseries in abundance, if Mangal is in Nritya Lips and placed in Randhr, or Dharm, apart from incurring untimely death. In other Bhavas Nritya Lips of Mangal will make the native akin to Kuber.

Mars being a malefic planet for the native but desirous to give happiness but has no strength , if native wants to be in profession of clerk , books publication etc. then prayer to Lord Hanuman is must.

Mercury = 11 Kauthuka , Mercury = 1 Medium :- in Kautuk in Lagn, the native will be skilful in music; if Budh is in Yuvati, or Randhr with Kautuk, the native will be addicted to courtezans; if Budh in Kautuk is placed in Dharm, the native will be meritorious and attain heavens after death. No remedy required.

Jupiter = 5 Gamana , Jupiter = 0 Nil :- will be adventurous, happy on account of friends, scholarly and endowed with Vedic learning and with various kinds of wealth.

Here native can become top government office or gambler but Jupiter has no intensity to give.

Venus = 7 Sabha , Venus = 1 Medium :- will earn eminence in the king’s court, will be very virtuous, will destroy enemies, be equal to Kuber in wealth, will be charitable, will ride on horses and will be excellent among men.

For Venus its amasa ruler is auspicious and its awastha and intensity is also good , but being malefic the all goodies are denied so worship Shri Sachi and Indra.

Saturn = 4 Prakasana , Saturn = 1 Medium :- will be very virtuous, very wealthy, intelligent, sportive, splendourous, merciful and devoted to Lord Shiva.

Just Gemstones of Saturn is required here .

Rahu = 7 Sabha , Rahu = 2 Full :- will be scholarly, miserly and endowed with many virtues, wealth and happiness.

No remedy required.

Ketu = 1 Sayana , Ketu = 0 Nil :- in Mesh, Vrishabh, Mithun, or Kanya, there will be plenty of wealth; if Ketu is in Sayan in other Rasis, increased diseases will follow.

No remedy required.

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