Ace Your Exams With These Easy Vastu Tricks

Future Point | 18-Jun-2019

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In every student’s life, there is a phase where they come across many difficulties or obstacles, be it academically or elsewhere. Academic examinations have a lot of importance in a student’s life. Sometimes the students work hard, yet they don’t get favorable results. In such a situation, parents get tensed and try to figure out the cause behind the unfavorable result.

Vastu dosha might be the reason behind the architectural defect that can be either at home, workplace or somewhere else. Education can only help in having a bright future of a student (academically) but cannot help in developing a student’s personality as a whole. If the result is not up to the mark, in spite of adopting new and different studying patterns, then Education Astrology or Education Horoscope could be the best option to count upon.

If the place where the student studies gets examined by a Vastu Consultant, then there is a possibility of having better results. The concentration and the focusing power of the students are enhanced which results in more accurate outcomes. Every student’s future depends on their academic qualifications. Lack of academic qualifications will affect the student’s future and can be an obstacle to have success in life. In spite of being capable to achieve something in the future, a lack of education will be the reason behind the miss-guidance or failure. In order to avoid such type of situation, one should take care of the arrangement of the student’s study room. This will help in achieving the academic breakthrough of a student with a great start and smart initiative. Vastu Shastra can give better results in less hard work.

According to Shastra, the northeast direction is considered to be the best direction for studying. If the correct position or direction is ignored then a student might experience some problems while studying and might give up on the subject or topic which will lead to discouragement.

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If the place where the student is studying have Vastu dosh, then it could be a challenge to concentrate and focus on studies. The students who are willing to top in the exam should consider their direction and area where they sit for study, as per the Vastu Shastra. Instructions are as follows:

  • According to Vastu Shastra if the study table is not in the northeast direction then studying in the east direction can also be fine. If this is also not possible then while studying, a student’s face should be in the northeast direction.
  • If the direction of the study table is in the west as per the preconstructed architectural structure of the room which cannot be changed, the pupil should sit facing towards the east or northeast direction for studying, as it is considered to be the most effective direction to have the best result in studies.
  • According to Vastu, the north-east direction for studying is the best, and then the north/east direction and if the aforementioned is not possible then the west direction is the last option. It is worth noting that the study should not be done in the southwest and southeast direction to avoid any obstacle while learning.
  • While studying, a student should sit facing towards the door and avoid showing back to the door.
  • It is suggested that the student’s position while studying or resting is good to be in the aforementioned directions and preferably the study table should be placed in the student’s bedroom.
  • The door and the window of the room in which the study table is present should be in the north, northeast, east and, the west direction. It is worth noting that both should not be done in the southwest and southeast direction.
  • To have sound sleep, the head should face the south or west side, so that it keeps students interested in the study work. Also, it is good for health.
  • Study table, an idol of God, and drinking water should be there in the northeast direction of the room.
  • The bookshelf can be kept in the southwest direction, as it is considered to be the best direction for its placement. According to Vastu, a bookshelf should never be placed in the northwest direction. It is said that if bookshelves are placed in the northwest direction then students start losing interest in studies and might misplace the books.
  • After studying, books should not be left open. This might spread negative energy which will result in the poor health of students.

This guidance will probably help you in having better results in your studies but for faster results and for proper surety you can Consult Education Astrologer in India available at Indian Astrology. To know/ask anything about Vastu Shastra in detail you can Talk to Astrologer. With effective astrological remedies, you’ll be good to go in no time!