A brief note on the effects or impacts of these numbers is given below

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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This number is absolutely free. This signifies the sense of ego, self-dependence, promises, strong stamina and personality something different. The Sun is its symbol.


Number 2 is associated with mind. This exemplifies mental disposition, emotion and feeling, sense of sympathy, hatred, dilemma etc. Moon is its symbol.


Number 3 represents vastness. This number helps the native achieve success in all walks of life and develops his mental disposition. This also enhances the sphere of wealth of the native. Jupiter is the lord of this number.


y this number, personality, worldly pleasure, property and prosperity, achievement etc. are considered. Herschel or Rahu is its lord.


This number represents trade and business, employment, agriculture, food grains, mental faculty and speaking power. It also represents, moral sense and journeys. Mercury is its lord.


By the number of 6, conjugal life, love affairs, love marriage, mutual relation, cooperation etc. are considered. This also represents the inclination of the person towards music, art, acting and art of dancing. Venus is its lord.


This number signifies mutual understanding, partnership, adjustment, contract, peace, etc. and creates bitterness. Neptune or Ketu is its lord.


This is the number of Saturn. The number saves the native from physical, mental and financial weaknesses, reconstruction loss, death, agony etc. Saturn is its lord, which is the symbol of Yam.


This is the last number in the order of numbers. It causes friction and struggle, battle, anger, courage etc. and creates division, resentment and inquisitiveness. Mars is its lord, who is the god of battle.

The mankind has always been under the influence of the planets. Renowned dramatist Shakespeare has shown in his famous play 'As you like it' how do the planets affect the different stages of man's life, which is mentioned below:

From 1 to 4 years-Childhood-Changeability-Effects of Moon, number 2

From 4 to 12 years- Education-Knowledge-Effects of Mercury, number 5

From 12 to 22 years-Love affairs-Love Marriage-Effects of Venus, number 6

From 22 to 41 years-Ambition- Strength- Splendor-Effects of the Sun, number 1.

From 41 to 56 years-concentration of mind, Intensity-Effects of Mars, number 9.

From 56 to 68 years-Adulthood-Fulfilment of desires- Effects of Jupiter, number 3

From 68 to 98 years-Downfall- Whacky nature-Effects of Saturn, number 8.