Mundan (Chura Karan)

When the baby is 3, 5, 7 or 9 years old, leaving aside Dwadashi, Rikta (4, 9, 14)` Pratipada, Poornima & Amavasya Tithis Mundan should be done in Uttarayana except Chaitra Masa on Wednesday, Monday, Friday or Thursday. Lagna or navamsa should be of mercury, moon, venus or jupiter but not same as the lagna of the baby or eighth from moon of baby. The lagna should be such that there is no planet in eight house and malefics are placed in 3 or 6 or 11 houses. Anuradha nakshatra should be avoided in chura karan and preferbly it should be jyeshtha, Mridu, Char or Laghu nakshatras.

Note- When the child is five year old and at that time if the mother of the child is pregnant then it should be considered as best time for the Churakaran. If the child`s age is less than 5 years and the mother is pregnant then doing Churakaran is not considered good.

Lagna for Churakarn Muhurat should be taken from an expert astrologer.

On the day of Churakaran Muhurat the house should be cleaned properly.

Make a Bandanvaar of mango leaves around the house.

Pandit (Brahmin priest) should be invited and given an Asana to sit at the place selected for Churakaran ceremony during the starting of Muhurat for the same. All relatives and friends should participate in this ceremony.

The parents of the infant should light a lamp after finishing the Nityakarmas like Sandhya. The infant and parents should be wearing new clothes.

After this the instruments like razor and scissors etc should be worshipped.

The mother, aunt, spouse of elder brother or some other family woman should take the hairs of the boy in her lap.

After Churakaran the head of the boy should be cleaned with curd, turmeric paste or some cold paste.

After bath the boy should be made to have bath and wear new clothes.

Now the boy and parents should visit the place of ceremony and ask the Brahmin for a garland of flowers and Tilak (putting a mark) on his forehead.

All the guests should be made to bless the child.

Offer food to Brahmins, barbar and all other guests.

Give Dakshina (money) to Brahmin, Guru and priest, seek their blessings and then give a farewell.

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