Jin Kevli Shakunavli

Om Hreem Arham Sarvagyay Namah. In "Jin Kevli Shakunavali" we have two sets of boxes having nine boxes in each set. Out of the nine boxes in each set, five boxes have numbers from 1 to 5. Any type of question can be asked and the answer thus obtained comes in the form of a short note.

Method of Use

You just need to click on one of the box ("Koshtak") having a number. Fist click on the first set of box. The box number you have clicked is shown below just after the click. And thereafter click on the second set of boxes. And again the number of the box is displayed and forms a two-digit number. The result of the query is displayed based on the number thus formed by clicking on the both the sets of boxes. You should click on the first set of boxes first otherwise the computer will give a warning message and will ask to first click on the first set of boxes and your click will be cancelled.


Click on both squares once only for getting answer for your query.